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2016 was full of a lot of things. It was a great year for some, but for others it wasn’t so amazing. In this mini-series I want to focus on the best of the best of the BEST. Not just one product, but several products that I’ve tried over the course of the last year that were huge hits for me. 

For this first post I want to talk about hair. There have been A LOT of hair products tested on this blog in the past year. Some posts were sponsored (*nothing in this post is paid product placement, btw. These are my favorites, meaning out of ALL of the things I tried and loved and continued to use, these stood out the most) some were press sample items and others were things that I purchased myself. Some of which I talked about on Instagram or Snapchat, but they never quite made it into my actual blog content.

The best hair products of the year

Before we begin, for reference, my hair is color treated (heavily highlighted), dry at the ends yet oily at the crown. I’ve got three horrible cowlicks (two on the sides that look like horns and one under my hair at the nape of my neck). It’s also on the thin side (thanks, kids) and is incredibly temperamental. It’ll look great when styled and then fall fast. 2016 has been the first year I’ve had major breakthrough in the hair styling department!

Without further adieu… 

Favorite Tools

InfinitiPRO by Conair 3Q Hair Dryer. This hair dryer dries my hair quickly (even when it’s completely soaked) with minimal frizz at the end. The different settings make it simple to get the drying power and heat that you need.

InfinitiPRO by Conair Diamond Brilliance Diamond-Infused Ceramic Smoothing Hot Brush. This brush has made my hair styling life SO much easier! Once my hair is dry I use this to eliminate frizz and straighten out all the kinks. It’s completely replaced my straightening iron because it’s quicker to use and more efficient. (original post).

InStyler BLUE Turbo Ionic Dryer. This hair dryer is super light (yasssss) and the controls are in the perfect spot to where you can easily get at them, but they don’t accidentally get switched to another setting while you’re drying your hair (that’s the WORST). It dries my hair fast and is good for travel (with it being so light and not huge). BUT if you need a mini – it’s got one 😉 

T3 Micro Twirl 360 Curling Iron. Okay…. so I didn’t exactly get this product in 2016…. BUT 2016 was the first year I started to use it religiously. Toward the end of 2015 the wand was recalled and they sent out new ones, which I received early in 2016. Since then it’s my go-to! (original post).

Favorite Shampoos/Conditioners

John Frieda Sheer Blonde® Go Blonderâ„¢. This Lightening Shampoo and Lightening Conditioner really help to extend the life of my highlights so that my roots don’t look as bad when they’re coming in. (original post).

Briogio Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin. I LOVE how this smells and it allows for fabulous volume at my crown. I think my hair got stronger using it, also! It’s pricey, but when I run out I’m definitely repurchasing. (original post).

Favorite Styling Products

Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Mousse. Am I a total pain because I keep popping up with items I found in 2015? Listen this stuff is legit. And also you knew it was coming because I use it in nearly every hair post. It gives massive volume and is the only way my hair will curl and hold style.

Redken Braid Aid. This is like a thin wax that you can put on your fingers to make it easier to twist and braid hair without dropping strands. It’s been essential for doing my daughters hair as well as my own!

IT Haircare 12-in-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment. I got this in a blogger box and, treatment wise, it’s really the only thing you need! I spritz it everywhere but the crown of my head for silky, shiny hair. (original post).

Amika Dry Shampoo. I have a few faves in the dry shampoo category but this one is my most recent find. I bought a bottle at The Makeup Show this past year and I could kick myself for not picking up a few backups. It’s great at sucking up oil and doesn’t leave behind a residue. Plus it actually smells AMAZING.

Sebastian Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray. This is a fave because it holds well but doesn’t make my hair look crunchy. PLUS if I do need to brush through anything it allows me to do that without ripping my hair out.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment. My favorite for sleek, straight styling. I also love their No Frizz line. Again, both aren’t “2016 finds” but such long-time faves I had to mention!

Favorite Treatments

LUSH R&B Hair Moisturizer. Yeahhh… I know what you’re thinking… oily hair and wtf are you doing with a moisturizer as a fave. Well…. just because your hair is oily AF doesn’t mean it doesn’t need moisturized (just like with your face!). This is my favorite for not only a strand overhaul but it actually controls frizz. Technically it’s a leave in conditioner but I rinse it. I apply the bulk of the product to my ends (a VERY little goes a long way with my hair) and then brush that through. There’s some product left over on the brush so that gets brushed through my crown after. I only leave it in the crown for a few minutes but I leave it on my ends for about 20 minutes. It’s bizarre but it’s working for me lol

Brigio Don’t Despair, Repair!â„¢ Deep Conditioning Mask. The other day I had NO hair masks in my house and my hair was desperately needing some love. I found a sample of this in my November Beauty Box 5 shipment (rejoice!) and it’s AWESOME! My hair looked a lot smoother and a lot healthier. Loving it!

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make this a treatment or a shampoo…. it’s technically a treatment to get rid of all of that gunk in your hair… and it DOES make a difference the next time you style. (original post).  

Favorite Accessories

Bobby Pins. For when your stupid fly-aways and cowlicks just won’t cooperate. I have regular ones that fade into my hair but I LOVE the metallic, fancy ones for most occasions.

Clips. My hair doesn’t always cooperate well enough to do up a top knot so I usually opt for a metal clip. The metal tend to grip my hair much better than plastic, but every once in awhile you strike gold and when that happens you buy 25 of them just in case.


Favorite Salon

Are you from Pittsburgh? I have several people to recommend to you! 

Murdock’s Salon in Lower Burrell, PA. If you are North of Pittsburgh check them out! I’ve gone to Jennie to get my hair done for over 10 YEARS! She has minimal hours so book in advance. Her sister Noelle is amazing, also!

Copacetic Salon on Perry Highway in Pittsburgh, PA. Sometimes I can’t get in with Jennie (because I’m lazy about making appointments and usually by the time I realize I need cut/color it’s last minute and right before an event lol) so on those times I hit up Copacetic. One of my fave makeup artists recommended them to me, “ANYONE will do the perfect cut and color on you”. I called and ended up with Allyson, who is basically my new favorite person of life. These girls know their stuff and the whole salon is a total experience. Sometimes the French Bulldog Eddie James is there to greet you, but I have yet to meet him. Fingers crossed it’ll happen some day!

I hope you enjoyed my hair faves! Let me know what your favorite hair related items were this year and if you have any requests for “Best Of” make sure you post that, too!

* occasionally receives vendor/ brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.

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