Introducing Soap & Glory… that Sexy Mother Pucker!

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In honor of International Kissing Day, straight out of the UK, I want to introduce my readers to Soap & Glory. You’ve probably heard of them, but the line hasn’t made an appearance on Blushing Noir since 2013 (and idk why because I loved the last product I tried)! Why did I wait until International Kissing Day? Mostly because my favorite products out of the items I’m showing you today is called Sexy Mother Pucker. Best name ever.

Before we get into how sexy that mother pucker is I want to show a few body items. It never occured to me that Soap & Glory would have an extensive body line, regardless of Soap being in the name. I just always associated the brand with lip products. Yet several of their skin products have won major awards (even better than the leg lamp!).

The Righteous Butter($15.00 // ULTA Beauty) is a body moisturizer that was voted Britain’s BEST Body Butter. The formula is meant for very dry skin, which is perfect for my legs in the Summer. The chlorine or something dries them out and they get so itchy, even more so than when it’s cold outside. Massage a handful of this onto your damp skin and be amazed. The fragrance is fresh, clean and ever-so-slightly floral. Exactly what I love!

Original Pink Body Spray ($6.00 // ULTA Beauty) is the perfect quick spritz for Summer. When I’m not doing anything super-fabulous I like to leave my expensive scents alone and grab something light, but fresh. Original Pink has that same fresh scent as the body butter. The perfect scent for Spring/Summer and super girly!

Love at First Blush ($15.00 // ULTA Beauty) not only looks gorgeous in the pan it’s gorgeous and glowy on your cheeks! It’s got “metallic shimmer pearls” in it so you need to use a very light hand to keep the sparkle at bay. Lighter skintones will love that this is basically your Summer must-have highlighter/blush all in one while deeper skintones will love the highlight they get.

Sexy Mother Pucker Mini Gloss Stick ($6.00 // ULTA Beauty) is available in five shades with Pink Punch shown below. It’s formulated with 3D PLUMP to make your lips look fuller and carries completely opaque pigment when swiped across the lips. The name says mini but that’s more in the price tag. Size wise the bullet is normal and you get about half of the amount of product as you would in, say, an Urban Decay lipstick… but you could buy three Soap & Glory as opposed to just the one from UD.

Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss ($14.00 // ULTA Beauty) is my new ride-or-die. Four shades are available and Pinkwell is shown below. Just sign me up for all of them, but Pinkwell is literally never going to leave my side. It’s a sheer pink that works alone and over every other lipstick shade that I love. It’s slightly sticky but not as much as a MAC Lipglass. Plumping wise it does give your lips an ever-so-slightly bigger effect due to the shine and the 3XL-Peptide Plump complex. It almost appears to make my lips look more even without the help of a lip liner. There is a tingling sensation but it feels good and not “burny”.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss ($10.00 // ULTA Beauty) is available in seven shades with Nudestar and Super Peach shown in this post. The look and feel of these sheer-ish glosses is similar to that of Pillow Plump but with a doe-foot applicator wand. I layered these two shades with Pinkwell and got a bit extra plumping to the lips and a gorgeous shine. The shimmer in the Lip Plumping Gloss is more apparent than the Pillow Plump but doesn’t show up heavily on the lips.

If you’re looking for a quick review Soap & Glory is absolutely amazing and completely affordable. First time buyer? Get you some Sexy Mother Pucker all-the-things STAT. You can find it now at ULTA Beauty!



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