MAC Vibe Tribe Collection Swatches + Review

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Said to have been inspired by the well-known music festivals, art and colors of the desert the MAC Vibe Tribe Collection is a bright and beautiful line of products both inside the packaging and out.

The exterior packaging was apparently not a nod to the Native American culture, though it does seem that way since the print itself is tribal. I love the colors they chose as well as the pattern and think it compliments the title of the collection, which I personally thought would be more of a nod to the Native American culture based off of looks alone.

The names of the products themselves do serve the “festival in the desert” aspect much more than any particular culture, but it almost seems like it’s two separate collections in one, if you get what I’m saying. At the end of the day, we have statements from MAC and that’s all we can go on. The company has worked hard to make controversial collections of the past right so it is important to make your voices heard over what you personally think is in poor taste. Definitely feel free to discuss in the comments, but please be respectful to each other.

Powder Blush($23.00 // Nordstrom). Three powder blush shades were released in Modern Mandarin (red-orange, satin), Adobe Brick (burnt-red, satin) and Painted Canyon(mid-tone coral, satin). Painted Canyon is the shade shown in this post and it’s an online exclusive. The pigment in this shade is out of this freaking world. Even with darker skin-tones you’ll need very little product to make the impact you desire on your face. Pick up a bit of the powder with your brush and tap off the excess, then dab lightly onto your cheeks. This is the shade to pop on top of a gorgeous Summer glow.

Gleamtones Powder($33.00 // Nordstrom). Speaking of “glow” let’s just bask in this Gleamtones Powder for a minute. Only one shade is released within the Vibe Tribe Collection, but it’s a must-have. Dunes at Dusk is a multi-color combination of four shades including a pale, white gold, light terracotta, pink lilac and a bronze rose. I love this powder because it can be worn on the eyes as well as the cheeks. The design on the powder is beautiful but if you swirl the shades together it’ll get dirty looking. The combo color is glowy and gorgeous, necessary for off-setting those pigmented blushes!

Technakohl Liner($17.50 // Nordstrom). Three shades of Technakohl Liner are available in Snowed In(light peach off white), Broque (deep brown) and Take the Plunge(deep ocean blue). Since the release of the Technakohl Collection I’ve been using a few of the shades and liking them, primarily on the top lid. They’re soft shades that don’t do so well for me on the waterline but they do last all day on the top. All three of these are colors have been released before as part of the permanent collection, so make sure you shop your stash!

226/228 Brush($35.00 // Nordstrom). Who doesn’t love the 226 brush? Don’t bother trying to think of someone, because everyone loves this one. I love it to do the transition shade in my crease as well as blending out the crease color. The 228 on the opposite side is fabulous for applying under the lower lash line or at the inner corners where you’d need a more detailed brush.

Studio Nail Lacquer($13.00 // Nordstrom). Two shades are available in Skin (light peach beige) and Blazing Hot(bright orange, cream). I’m obsessed with the shade Blazing Hot. It’s perfection for Summer. This cream shade applied nicely and looks okay with one coat, but IMO needs two to be completely opaque.

Still on my wishlist are Hot Chocolate Lipstick and also a few of the Patentpolish Lip Pencils… because you guys know how I love the formula on those. What are you picking up from this collection?

The MAC Vibe Tribe Collection will be available in the US online beginning May 12, 2016 and in-store beginning May 19, 2016 (note: this is just what the press release says, I’ve heard it’s been delayed a week). You can find it at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Internationally you can pick up this collection beginning in June 2016. This entire collection is limited edition.

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