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Even if the trend of highlighting goes away I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop myself from doing it. I’m one that wants my face to look matte – except where I want it to be glowy. It’s all about that control! I’m oily, so if I just let the glow go naturally that shiz gets WAY out of hand. I love to mattify all the things and then give my cheeks and cupids bow a bit of illumination. This week for Makeup Wars we’re talking our favorite highlighters & illuminators. Of course, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop came to mind but so did one other that I didn’t talk about on here (but I did mention and swatch on my Instagram).

My top two for highlighting and illuminating are:

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector($38.00 // Sephora). OF COURSE I mention this first because I use it nearly every time I do my makeup. The only time I don’t pick this one up is if I’m testing something else or just not doing my makeup that day. I always go back to it! It used to be limited edition BUT Becca is so awesome (and smart because it definitely makes them the $$$) and brought it back permanently! The palette shown that contains Champagne Pop WAS Limited Edition but it’s pretty and I do love to mix Champagne Pop with Pearl (far left) for evening (see more on that palette here). Also, that trio makes one heck of a gorgeous eye look! Original review.

Tom Ford Moodlight Skin Illuminating Powder Duo ($80.00 // Neiman Marcus). I have a big love/hate with Tom Ford beauty products. I love most of them but the brands quality control is below sub-par. For the money you pay you shouldn’t worry about eyeshadow pans being unglued from the palette and falling out, or lipsticks breaking off as soon as you twist them up (and even before you use them). At first I thought it was because of shipping or climate… but then I bought some things in person and it was the same deal. One item I never had a problem with was the Moodlight Skin Illuminating Powder Duo. It’s more of a cream highlighter but it looks other level gorgeous when you want a bronzey, glimmering glow. You have to be careful with it or you can shimmer-bomb yourself. Using very little does help justify the high price tag a lot more, since it’ll last you that much longer.

Here are a few pics from my Instagram of the Tom Ford before I used it (when it was at it’s prettiest) and also swatches:

Now THIS is what it’s all about. The @tomfordcosmetics Moodlight Skin Illuminating Duo ???????????? smooth and pigmented… No matter how much I put it on it wasn’t ever over done. Can I just bathe in this always!? #InstaReview #tomfordbeauty #tomford #makeup #love

A photo posted by Brooke ⭐️ blushingnoir.com (@blushingnoir) on Oct 16, 2015 at 3:14pm PDT

#swatches of the @tomfordcosmetics L-R: Moodlight Skin Illuminating Duo, Peach Ombré, Plum Ombre, Pink Ombre, Bronze Ombre. Yep you can barely see Bronze Ombre ???? that Moodlight tho ???????????? #tomford #tomfordbeauty #makeup #swatch #InstaReview

A photo posted by Brooke ⭐️ blushingnoir.com (@blushingnoir) on Oct 16, 2015 at 6:16pm PDT

Next on my list? The new Hourglass Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder($38.00 // Sephora). They’re getting some good reviews and I’m a fan of the others soooo…. yeah obviously I need them.

What are you favorite highlighters & illuminators? See what the other Makeup Wars Bloggers are loving by clicking the icons below!

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