Introduction to the AcnEase® Acne Treatment System

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A lot of you don’t know that I had surgery back in August of 2015. I had a condition called Adenomyosis which is when you have your period and all of the blood isn’t released. Some of it gets trapped inside your uterus. As time goes on it becomes incredibly painful to the point where it’s chronic and not just one or two weeks out of the month. My doctor said it wouldn’t kill me, but the pain would just keep increasing (that’s possible?!). It was a long road and it’s a long story. Why mention it now? Because after the surgery my hormones changed. Again. Those hormonal, cystic, acne breakouts I got during pregnancy and after I had kids started happening. Again. As time went on the breakouts got worse and I was basically starting to panic. It was fate that last month AcnEase reached out to me to try their product again (my first review was done in 2012 – you can view it here).

What is AcnEase?AcnEase tablets are a clinically tested, all-botanical, herbal product that are 95% effective in treating acne and can also improve Rosacea symptoms. The formula is touted as being safe, causing no side effects – specifically developed for adolescents up through adults to treat the underlying causes of acne whether it be androgen-related, cystic or hormonal (like mine). The treatment is able to alleviate current outbreaks and also prevent new acne from forming using an effective, holistic approach. It works for all complexion types and will not discolor, irritate or dry out your skin (I just began this system but because since I have had success with this treatment several years ago I can attest to that already).

“AcnEase® is effective because it treats the causes of acne, not just the symptoms,” said Dr. Agnes P. Olszewski, CEO and Chairwoman for Herborium Group.

Acne is the worst. It’s awful when you’re young because with all of the changes in your body and social anxiety going on you haven’t learned how to completely love yourself yet. So on top of everything else you now have have acne to make you even more self-conscious. When you’re an adult, even though if you’re reading this and you’re young and you think I’m insane, having acne is just as bad. You feel like people that have already battled acne in their youth (and won) are looking at you with WTF eyes. There are a lot of makeup products to help mask acne, but unless you get it under control it’ll never stop or go away. Ultimately, it will get worse.

Dr. Agnes says “A primary cause of acne is an overproduction of sebum (skin oil) by sebaceous glands, which blocks the pores and provide a fertile ground for bacteria to develop, leading to localized inflammation and consequently scarring – it’s a vicious cycle. AcnEase® breaks the cycle, using a proprietary herbal compound to restore balance and skin health. It works for people who suffer from acne of any type at any age, regardless of skin color and complexion.” 

This time, rather than doing just one review, I’m walking you through my journey with the product. Answering questions, providing details and facts. This series is going to be as comprehensive as it gets on this product.

What is my personal struggle with acne? It’s mostly hormonal. Throughout high school and into my 20’s I rarely had a zit. When I got pregnant with my first child the breakouts were strong. Cystic, painful acne that left dark marks behind that took months (and months and months and months) to go away. Even when they did go away the cycle kept up so I was never without a breakout or the spots. Everyone said that’s normal, blah blah, it’ll go away when you have the baby, blah blah. Nope. During that time I had some skin care that helped a bit but then I got pregnant again. After that pregnancy it was the same. Some skin care helped for the most part but when breakouts did happen it took a long time to get a handle on it and again I was left with marks. It was repetitive and it was annoying.

In 2012 I tried out AcnEase and had wonderful results. After my initial treatment I stayed on the skincare regime that worked best for me but after awhile discontinued using the pills. Basically I got lazy and didn’t like how many pills I had to take in a day. Several years ago I started having the health issues and after many (you wouldn’t even believe how many) different doctors visits and conclusions they figured out what was wrong. During that time all of the stress and medications I was on started causing some breakouts. After my surgery, though I feel better, the breakouts became more severe again. They’re back to being cystic and incredibly painful. A lot of times online people compliment me on my skin but if I do have a horrible zit I remove it for blog posts. Oh, you’ve seen me on Snapchat live and in color and don’t see the breakouts? Makeup, girl. Blur it, hide it, fah-get-ah-bout-it. My fourth post is going to have a before and after photo and if this works as well as it did last time your eyes just may bug out of your head.

Previously when I used AcnEase my biggest gripe was the dosage, which hasn’t changed much and tbh I’m still not a fan of it. But, again, if it works, it’s a small price to pay. For this round Dr. A has recommended I start out with 4 tablets 3 times a day for 3-4 days and then move to 6 tablets 3 times a day to ease into it. Your dosage will vary based on your age, sex and weight. Their customer service is wonderful, so if you have any questions at all reach out to them via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Is there anything you want to know about AcnEase or this process?Please let me know in the comments so Dr. Agnes can answer in the Q & A or, if it’s a question for me, I can address it ASAP by replying to your comment and also talk about it in an upcoming next post. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your question publicly you can always email me.

*Please make sure you consult your physician before trying any new supplement or treatment. This post and the ones following are meant to educate you on AcnEase and share my own personal experience with using the product. 

AcnEase is available online at Pricing varies based on your treatment needs but begins at $35.00 for the Maintenance Treatment up to $230.00 which is a treatment that focuses on Body Acne for Athletes. Follow along with AcnEase on Facebook and Twitter to get coupon codes when they post and also check out customer reviews!

Satisfaction Guaranteed. I LOVE when brands do this. It really proves to me that they stand behind their product and that the results/testimonials are on the level. For your first order for up to 60 days from the original purchase date AcnEase will fully refund you if you’re not happy. Try the product for the recommended 30 days. If after that time it didn’t work for you send back the bottles (both open and non-opened – so save the ones you use up just in case) along with an explanation of why you didn’t like the treatment. For more detail on the guarantee click here.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with AcnEase. All opinions and testimonials are my own.

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