WTF Fashion Trends & How to Save Money // Splurge vs. Steal

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This weeks Makeup Wars got me in a splurge vs. steal frame of mind and I got to thinking what else would be good to share? Then I was shopping online and saw the most ridiculous things… some of which are THOUSANDS of dollars (some of the bags, though… never in a million years no matter what the price). Most of us out there can’t afford to throw down money on a trend… even if they are on the cute end of the spectrum. Regardless, there’s definitely a less expensive option out there for you in just about every style and I wanted to share few of my favorites!

Handbags. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a handbag you need to do your research. If you want to save some money you have a lot of options in this category thanks to Target. Until 2/6/16 you can also save $10 off a $35 handbag or jewelry purchase at Target with code STYLE. I pulled a few of my faves but you can find a lot more on the website.

Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody $295.00 // Merona Quilted Crossbody $29.99
(A major splurge would be to get the Chanel Qiulted Boy Bag which retails upwards of $4,000.00)

Celine Trio$850.00 (sale: $544.00) // Triple Compartment Crossbody Handbag $29.99
This is one of my dream bags. I love when things can be organized! Tom Ford also has one for $1,190.00 if you’re so inclined =\

Michael Kors Susannah Medium Quilted Tote $358.00 // Mossimoâ„¢ Quilted Tote $39.99
If money is no object the Salvatore Ferragamo Ginette retails for $1950.00 and is drool-worthy!

Are you coveting the Fendi Bag Charm? The most expensive one I’ve personally seen is $1,200 (here). If I’m spending that much money it better be an entire bag. Here are other options:

Fendi $900.00 // Sophie Hulme $295.00 // Michael Kors $48.00 // Diane von Furstenberg $48.00

You get your patches at the patch ceremony. If you didn’t get the Troop Beverly Hills reference we can’t be friends. Patches aka stickers are big. Personally, I don’t get it. My daughter has Shopkins stickers that she puts everywhere. That, I get (unless it’s on the furniture which is not okay). Adults putting a patch or sticker that costs over $100 on a bag that cost them thousands blows my freaking mind. And you guys KNOW I love me some planner stickers and stickers in general. Regardless, you can still shop this trend somewhat affordably.

When is the acceptable? When your bag is damaged in some way and you need to cover it up. In which case keep it affordable. Maybe you found your dream LV on consignment but it’s got a weird stain or scratch. The sticker is an excellent way to cover that up.

Anya Hindmarch $225.00 // Skinnydip $9.00

Shopping Tips

If you’re going to take the plunge and make a big purchase do your research. This is a big investment and you want something that isn’t a trend. You want classic so it stands the test of time. You want wearable so you can use it often. You want durable (yes, there are SO MANY designer bags that are complete crap) so it lasts. Join Facebook groups, forums… stalk Instagrams and YouTube to check reviews – a lot of people will do a “1 year later” video or even a video of their first purchase luxury bag to show you how well it held up.

Buy consignment. Shopping at consignment stores is a fantastic way to get luxury items for less. I’ve personally used TheRealReal to buy and sell a few high-end items and have been extremely happy with their service. New members get a $25 credit and they even offer discounts up to 20% off items – even on brands like Louis Vuitton (right now promo code HITS gets you 20% off until 2/14!)! Please do your research before buying from any website to assure the items you’re getting will be authentic.

The deals and the sales. If you must buy the splurge wait until there is some kind of deal or sale going on.

  • Neiman Marcus does a deal quite frequently where you can get $50 off a $200 qualifying purchase or sometimes even earn up to a $500 gift card back. Sign up for the emails and you’ll get 10% off your purchase.
  • Websites like Shopbop also do sales several times a year as do stores like Nordstrom.
  • If discounts are your thing and you’re on point use sites like Hautelook or Gilt to snap up designer fashions and beauty.

Cash back. Shop with sites like ebates to get cash back on your purchases.

What are your tips for shopping trends and saving money?

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