Top 10 Luxury Beauty feat. Chanel Vamp Attitude // Holiday 2015

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There are well more than 10 luxury beauty buys this holiday, but rather than focus on gifts I wanted to share one of my favorite collections from this year – Chanel Vamp Attitude.

My favorite shades to wear in the Fall and Winter are in the burgundy family, and while it’s well known that I love a good red this collection of “rouge noir” really spoke to me. Here are my Top 10 Luxury Beauty picks from Chanel Holiday!

Signe Particuliere Les 4 Ombres($65.00 // Nordstrom). This eye shadow palette has an icy lilac, gold, grey and (of course) a rouge noir shade. You wouldn’t think it works, but it does. I applied the burgundy all over my lid, put the icy lilac at the inner corner and the grey to blend out the crease. For the gold I patted it lightly over the rouge noir shade.

Rouge Noir Illusion d’Ombre($36.00 // Nordstrom). Layer this alone for a blackened burgundy eye that won’t quit or use it as a base for your purple toned shades. I’ve been particularly loving it with MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow!

Rouge Noir Le Crayon Kohl($29.00 // Nordstrom). The Chanel Kohls have always been one of my fave liners because they’re smooth but last. This one is almost black, but definitely has that rouge look to it. If you can’t find it Clinique Black Honey is similar!

Or Safran Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer($29.00 // Nordstrom). Smooth and perfect for the lower waterline, or how I like to use it, at the inner corners of the eye.

Rouge Noir Le Volume de Chanel Mascara($32.00 // Neiman Marcus). Le Volume de Chanel Mascara is one of my favorites. It’s very thickening and some find it clumpy, but I love the drama and lift it adds to my lashes. The Rouge Noir shade really makes an eye look stand out in an extra yet subtle way.

Coups De Minuit Joues Contraste($45.00 // Nordstrom). Who can resist a highlighting powder from Chanel?! NO ONE. Coups de Minuit gave a nice, pink glow… refreshing from all of the warm highlighters I’ve been using lately!

Vaporeuse Rouge Allure Lipstick($36.00 // Nordstrom). A subtle, sheer-ish candy pink. It makes the perfect base for Etincelle Glossimer and will be wearable into Spring and Summer!

Etincelle Glossimer($30.00 // Nordstrom). I actually had vampy girl hopes for this one. When it arrived and I saw it was more of a jelly with no serious shimmer I was a little upset. Until I saw how well it wore with Vaporeuse and basically every single other lip color I tried it with. Love it!

Rose Fusion Le Vernis($27.00 // Macy’s). The incredible beauty of this one in the bottle doesn’t hold a candle to how pretty it is on the nails! (swatches here)

Lame Rouge Noir Le Vernis Top Coat ($27.00 // Macy’s). It’s definitely prettier in the bottle, BUT if you don’t have a good, gold flake top coat it’s a good one to add into your collection. (swatches here)

Swatches of all of the products are below – swatched dry with no primers under:

…and in case you don’t follow me on Instagram – a FOTD:

Chanel Vamp Attitude for Holiday 2015 is available now at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and

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