Holiday Footwear for Busy Moms

The amount of running around I do as a mom during the holidays is mind-blowing. Mentally I prepare for this all year. Which is a sad revelation. But after each Christmas that we celebrate I get it in my head that I can make next year easier. Better lists, more preparation, less running around like a crazy woman. In my head I tell myself about how I’m going to shop super early and get (at the very least) the kids shopping done before Thanksgiving hits. That way, if I’m incredibly behind, everyone else can just get gift cards (which I’m pretty sure they’d all rather have anyway). In my head I say that Christmas Cards will go out on December 1. In my head I promise myself that I’ll decorate the day after Thanksgiving.

In actual reality I’m STILL not finished Christmas shopping for my kids, I’ve barely started on anyone or anything else, half the Christmas cards aren’t sent out (even though I had them printed and sitting here two weeks ago) and I’m also still not completely decorated. At this point I think the decor is just going to be what it is. My husband handled the exterior, so that’s done. The interior is enough on a normal level but I’m usually other level…. so to me it’s not done, to any visitor it probably would be.

As I’ve been running around to the different stores, up and down the steps of my house and room-to-room what I have concentrated on is my comfort level. As I’m out I’ve been wearing the Bearpaw Women’s Boshie Winter Boot in Chestnut and then at home I’m keeping my tootsies cozy with the Bearpaw Women’s Terry Boot Sock, both of which I picked up at Famous Footwear.

What I like about the boots is that they seem to hug my feet (which gives me an extreme sense of comfort while holiday stress-shopping) but they don’t make my feet feel tired or hot, even with this nice weather we’ve been having. I can run around the store in them and even walk all the way to the bus stop to pick up the kids. It’s like my do-it-all busy Mom boot!

I also find the boots to be incredibly accessible and versatile. The back-side of the boots aren’t typical because they’ve got adjustable buckles and a houndstooth design. I’ve worn them with jeans but also with black pants and a fancier bag/top. Depending on your Christmas party dress code these are wonderful for standing around all evening and conversing. It’s like being in your slippers all day long and still taking the time to adult.

At home I leave the boot socks on and kick back by my fireplace. This is our favorite place to cuddle up and watch the holiday movies and TV specials. Mom-on-the-go gets a rest! We have a Famous Footwear store only 5 minutes away so we get all of the kids shoes there for school, play, dress… their socks… it’s basically buy the kids stuff and oh yeah Mom needs Bearpaw also and since we’re here….. PERFECT. 😉

If you check out the Famous Footwear #ohsofamous style gallery you can get inspiration on style, find out what others are wearing and see more of what Famous Footwear offers. You can also share and show off your #ohsofamous style!

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