Pier1 Imports Halloween Glam Gift Guide

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Yesterday I made the mistake decision to walk into a Pier1 Imports store after my doctor’s appointment. I’ve been seeing peacock things shared from there lately and wanted to check them out in person. Lo and behold… HALLOWEEN. I knew they had cute stuff but I never know how much fun stuff they had also! The cutesy sayings people are so into on places like etsy and Pinterest? They have em. And they have em pretty. I bought a few things but my wish list… it is strong. Check out my picks below!

  • Painted Stemware($9.95 // Pier1 Imports). Crack me up for days with this. I love the sayings “Drink Up Witches” and “I’m Here for the Boo’s”. All things I’ve said, but year round and sometimes different words that aren’t so PG.
  • Glitter Skull Set($6.95 // Pier1 Imports). How cool to put in a bowl or to dress up a Halloween table? I mostly bought these for photo staging purposes but they’re seriously going to be fabulous for the boo-tastic holiday as well.
  • Shimmer Pumpkins($8.95 // Pier1 Imports). Who doesn’t want their entire house to shimmer with pumpkins?! This is the perfect way to add bling to your decor without the husband getting mad that it’s getting too girly up in there.
  • Skeleton Hand Serving Bowl($79.99 // Pier1 Imports). Perfect to hold party beverages, candy, shrunken heads… whatever.
  • Eat Up Witches Appetizer Plate Set($24.95 // Pier1 Imports). I almost bought these but two of the four in the only set left were broken (so it was on clearance) … again… LOVE the sayings!
  • Pre-Lit Brooms($49.95+ // Pier1 Imports). I just think these look so pretty either out on the porch or even indoors. I’d personally like to see them all the time so they’d be in the kitchen.

They had so much more available in store you wouldn’t even believe it. Check out the pics below and make sure you stop in to see everything in person. The website gives a list of deals and coupons going on at any given time so keep that bookmarked for your shopping trip!

What is on your Pier1 Halloween or Fall wishlist? Or any wishlist?! Make sure if you love Pier1 to follow them on Instagram. I live for those posts!

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