5 Under $10 Beauty feat. Neutrogena

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For this week on Makeup Wars we’re talking about the top 5 products under $10. Immediately I knew I wanted to feature Neutrogena! Why? Neutrogena is easily one of my favorite drugstore beauty brands. It’s personally not very easy for me to find drugstore products I love much less find a brand with fantastic products in every single category.

In no particular order:

Healthy Skin Blush($7.99 // ULTA Beauty). SO incredibly smooth with a lovely pigment and beautiful glow. Without hesitation I can tell you that you need every single color.

Healthy Volume Mascara ($7.99 // ULTA Beauty). This mascara gives a natural but lifted look that lasts all day. Perfect for day time and easy to layer for night!

Nourishing Eye Liner($8.99 // ULTA Beauty). I learned I loved this liner in Brushed Pewter (review) years ago. It was actually one of the first grey toned liners that I couldn’t be without. Because I loved it so much I ended up buying more shades (review)!!

Moisture Smooth Color Stick($8.99 // ULTA Beauty). There isn’t one shade of these that I don’t like. A brilliant choice if you’re looking for a lip crayon with shine and excellent color.

Long-Wear Eye Shadow + Built In Primer($9.99 // ULTA Beauty). Six shade choices are offered in quad form, so there’s something for every one. There’s a built-in primer to prevent creasing (though my lids are incredibly oily and I do require a secondary primer to help) but I noticed that the built-in helps to amp up the pigment when worn and swatched.

Bonus item! I also really love the Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup ($12.99 // ULTA Beauty). This foundation is over $10, but worth picking up regardless because the quality is outstanding!

I’m wearing quite a few products of the above in this post from last year. It’ll give you a sense of how they look on, if you want to check it out 😉

What are some of your favorite beauty products that are under $10? Check out what the other Makeup Wars Bloggers are loving by clicking the icons below!

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