Dior Nudeskin Tie Dye Edition Blush Swatches + Review // Summer 2015

I can safely tell you that I’ve liked Dior blushes in the past. They’ve always been good. Nothing to jump over the moon about, but worth having one or two. So when I tell you that the Nudeskin Tie Die Blushes for Summer 2015 are freaking amazing… you should listen.

The packaging is quintessential Dior… Navy with silver accents and lettering. When you open the box a silver mirrored compact with the quilted Dior style imprinted on the top as well as a small brush are nestled inside a tray. Also included is a velveteen pouch for the compact, which I imagine is an effort to keep fingerprints and smudges at a minimum. Which, with this type of design, is next to impossible… =\ It’s the only downfall… I can’t deal with smudge!

001 Pink Sunrise. This is a mix of mauve, rose, white and pink shades. When swirled together they form a beautiful flush of cool pink. There is a slight shimmer, most noticeably in the top mauve shade, but when worn it’s not noticeable. See me wearing it here.

002 Coral Sunset.This is a mix of pale peach, apricot, white and pink shades. When swirled together they form a flattering warm peach. There is a slight shimmer but when worn it’s not noticeable.

Both of these shades have just blown me away in terms of how soft, subtle and radiant they are. There is enough pigment to get a good color, but it’s totally buildable if you need more. As you know I’m generally not a fan of included brushes but the ones given with the Tie Dye Blushes work very well and feel soft. When I wore these they both lasted around 6 hours on me before they slightly faded down.

The swatches below are done dry, on bare skin with no primer underneath.

Each Dior Nudeskin Tie Dye Edition Blush retails for $57.00 and they are limited edition. I imagine they’re getting a little hard to find, maybe even impossible. I would call your local store to check on availability and maybe they can help you hunt them down! Sales associates are always more than willing to help!

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