Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Nail Polish Collection Swatches

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If you’re looking for inexpensive bright neon nail polishes look no further than the Salon Perfect Neon Pop! Nail Polish Collection!

14 high-voltage shades were released within this collection and I have the 5 limited edition ones to show you today!

  1. Oh Snap!(intense rose pink).
  2. Wrapped Round My Pink-y(enticing pink jelly).
  3. Mer-Made of Money(tantalizing teal).
  4. Copacabana Girl(shimmering coral). <—not shimmery at all… idk why it was described as that =\
  5. Purple POP!(playful purple).

What neon shade are you loving for your mani/pedi this Summer?

Salon Perfect Neon Pop launched nationwide in May exclusively at Walmart where each nail polish retails for just $3.98.

In addition to looking at some neons I just have to share the Salon Perfect Spring 2015 pastel line with you. They are not limited edition and you simply must check them out and look for them at Walmart (they’re also only $3.98 each!). I’m obsessed with how light and girly these are!!!

6 shades are in this collection (again, not limited edition):

  1. Put a Ring On It(pastel pink cream).
  2. Georgia Peach(pastel orange cream).
  3. Mellow Yellow(pastel yellow cream).
  4. Mint Julep(pastel green cream).
  5. Cold as Ice(pastel blue cream).
  6. Lilacking Control(pastel purple cream).

Tell me your favorite shade featured in this post in the comments below!

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