Shopping for Vegas at the Max Studio Summer Sale

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At the end of the month I’m headed to Las Vegas. Needless to say my current wardrobe does not reflect the styles of the nightlife. Particularly the Vegas nightlife. I want comfort, yet dressy. There’s also the fact that whatever I buy won’t be an item that I wear more than a few times a year. That being said I’d like to wear it again as much as possible if I go to a conference or event. With all of that in mind I headed to Max Studio to do some online shopping during their Summer Sale, which began yesterday, because the savings is set at up to 50% off of this Summer’s hottest styles. It’s Summer and I need hot styles for the City of Sin.

I love the styles of the Max Studio Leon Max Collection because each piece carries unique, chic twists which attract the likes of celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde (names synonymous with style). It’s also really cool to see the collections evolve as they’re designed across three studios in Los Angeles, London and New York, which keeps their fans coming back for even more flirty tops, romantic dresses, pants, outerwear and footwear.

My first pick is a blingy, sleeveless dress called the Sleeveless Palette Dress which has a retail price of $138 and is currently on sale for $38.00. $38.00!!! I was drawn to this dress because it’s flashy and black, which hides all the things. The price was the icing on a pretty sweet cake.

With that price in mind I headed right over to shoes. With paying only $38.00 for a dress I was totally cool with dropping some coin on shoes. To go with the theme I had sexy and strappy in mind. Behold the EmmyB Strappy Ankle Wrapped Stiletto.. aka the perfect pair also on sale from $298 down to $148.

Because I’m clearly the queen of savings right now (which NEVER EVER HAPPENS) I wanted to pick up a few key pieces to wear during the day. I am obsessed with the Sleeveless Lace Blouse which is on sale for $48 from $118, because it’s fancier than a regular tank and also just flowy enough so I won’t feel self-conscious about myself. I could wear this top with any bottoms I bring… pants, shorts, capris… I love an item with endless possibilities. For similar reasons I also grabbed the light pink Hankie Linen Pleated Shell which is on sale for $68.00 down from $118.00.

Max Studio’s Summer Sale is happening now with savings up to 50% off this Summer’s hottest styles! The sale only started yesterday so there is a lot of good items to pick from!! There is no code necessary, the prices you see by the items already reflect the discount.

For more info be sure to check out and follow Max Studio on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*This post is sponsored, all picks and opinions are my own.

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