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For the last three years my son has played team sports, namely baseball. All of the parents take turns hosting a snack day – meaning when the game is over we hand out a treat of some sort. After a game when everyone is all amped up from playing means it is not the time for a Pinterest attempt (generally I fail at those anyway). Still, I like to put the same effort into it that I would on any other occasion and what better way to do that than to grab personalized drinks for the kids. Coke has made it easy for me this Summer by running the second year of their Share A Coke program.

When I was little my name was never on anything. As I grew up my name became a bit more common and started to appear on bike plates and necklaces so of course I went ham buying all the things. My kids are 8 and 6 so they get excited too when they see their names on things (this probably tells you about what age my mentality sits at) – which brought me to the conclusion that all the kids would love to see their names on something! Spoiler alert… they totally did.

What’s nice about this years Share A Coke program is that there are options. Beyond the 1,000 names they offer you can also pick up bottles and cans with phrases such as “BFF”, “Sidekick”, “Superstar”, etc… even emoticons! This makes it really nice for when you need to buy in bulk for games, parties or events. You will be able to find something for any person on any day.

My sons baseball team is on the small side, so the name thing happened to work out well. I picked up some extra cans in 12-pack form for the parents and coaches, little brothers and sisters…


A Coke Zero for me with my name on it.

I found my name and the other cans and bottles of fun phrases at my local Giant Eagle (areas shown below). Find your name and others by searching here.

I hope my kids always remember the fun things they experienced through their lives and that they’ll share the memories with their kids. What do you like to do for your family and friends to make and share memories?

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareMemories #CollectiveBias

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