Maintaining the Mani // NEUTROGENA® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream #7DayManiStay

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Since I first tried the NEUTROGENA® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream($4.99 MSRP // Target) two years ago it has been a drugstore staple of mine. I love how thick the formula is, I’d call it more of an ointment than a cream, and you only need a small dab to coat both of your hands and cuticles.

Because this Winter has been, for lack of a better word, tragic in terms of how the weather has been on my skin I’ve been slathering this hand cream on nightly as well as during the day. When my hands are nourished it’s less likely I’ll pick at the nails and cuticles. I’m a reformed nail biter and when I see any type of snag or snarl it sets me off and I’ll pick all day long.

On the rare occasion where I have the time to go and get a manicure done I’m particularly diligent in applying the NEUTROGENA® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream because the picking will go from the cuticles to the nails. I will peel off any and all polish and completely ruin what I just paid to have done. Plus who wants ragged and ugly cuticles when their mani is so pretty? This hand cream repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier to keep hands, and especially cuticles, softer and smoother, longer.

(Essie First Timer Nail Polish from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection)

When I use this hand cream consistently my mani may sport some minor chips, but still looks fresh because my hands look more maintained.

What is your favorite way to maintain your mani?

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