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Everyone knows all mascaras are not created equal. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. For this weeks Makeup Wars post we’re sharing our Favorite Mascara!

A little bit about my lashes. My natural hair color may be brown, but my lashes are an extremely light brown, or maybe even a darkish blonde. They have okay length and a nice, natural curl. Because of that curl I find that eyelash curlers don’t do a thing for me regardless of what magical trickery I do. Because of that I need to make sure my mascara accentuates the length and curl without clumping (which they’re very prone to no matter what) or falling flat after a few hours.

Two mascaras immediately come to mind when I think of what my favorites are – Milani Total Lash Cover and Benefit Roller Lash.

My Favorite High-End MascaraBenefit Roller Lash($24.00 // Sephora). This mascara was part of a “sneaky” release. Unmarked tubes were sent out for review so no one knew the brand or the name.. very little info was given. 99% of reviews seemed to be positive. I posted on social media how obsessed I was and also posted result photos. A while later it’s revealed that the mascara was Benefit Roller Lash.

I think it’s incredibly brave of a brand to send out unmarked mascara. Imagine what you’re opening yourself up to, releasing a brand new product without your name attached means you’re giving up the brand loyalty factor that your fans have. For a brand to do that they’ve got to be very much behind the results and the product claims.

Benefit claims that Roller Lash will lift, super-curl and set for 12 hours. It SO DOES. Never have I ever been so impressed with a high-end mascara. I personally don’t roll the wand to get the effect.. I tried that and probably should have done a video because the wand went flying and it was hilarious. I brush the mascara on the lashes using the arced side first, then the second coat with the other side. If I’m feeling like I should be super sexy that day I add on a third coat using the arced side.

In the look below I’m wearing Benefit Roller Lash and the eye look is done using the Marc Jacobs Starlet Style Eye-Con No.7 – Plush Shadow Palette. Unfortunately I don’t remember much else about the look lol I did it awhile ago with the intent to post a look with the palette since I hadn’t used it in awhile and I actually thought I used a different mascara until I found some other pics and realized I did in fact use the Benefit. Maybe some day I’ll remember to write things down!

My Favorite Drugstore MascaraMilani Total Lash Cover ($5.49 // CVS). I’ve reviewed this one before (here), which is why I focused more on Benefit Roller Lash for this post. This little powerhouse gives the length, lift and fullness… that lasts. Obsessed. Apparently every one else is too because when I went back to CVS to repurchase AGAIN they were sold out. And they’ve been sold out for TWO WEEKS. I’m crying.

I’ve loved others, but none as much as the two mentioned above. For now 😉

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