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While some of the looks that walk the runway are purely editorial there are always just as many that are extremely wearable and easy to do. One of my favorites was from the Sophie Theallet show – the Double French Manicure(shown here). This mani was brought to life by manicurist Julie Kandelec who penned it the “negative space double French tip”. For this weeks Makeup Wars I wanted to recreate this manicure because it’s something that everyone out there can achieve and it also looks great on long or short nails (like mine!)

What you need: Tape, base coat, 2 nail polish colors of your choice and a top coat. This is so easy to do your head may or may not explode.

Step 1. Prep your nails with a base coat. I used Cult Nails Get it On.

Step 2. Lay the tape across the nail only leaving the top third exposed.

Step 3. Paint the lighter of the two colors (I used Essie Just Stitched) from the tape to the tip. Remove the tape while the polish is still wet. Allow this to dry.

Step 4. After the first shade is completely dry grab more tape and cover half of the first shade of polish, leaving just the tip of the nail exposed.

Step 5. Paint the exposed nail tip with your second color (I used Essie Comfy in Cashmere). Allow this to dry.

Step 6. Apply your top coat. The Essie shades I used are meant to have a matte “cashmere” type of finish, so technically I didn’t need a top coat, but I thought it looked pretty 😉

Also, how cool are these Essie polishes?! Look at the shift! Bling it up even more with some rhinestones at the bottom of the first color.

The best part about this mani? If you get some tip wear it’s easy to fix! Just touch it up with the same top color or add in a new one of a darker shade.

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