IT Cosmetics Universal Taupe Build-a-Brow Cream Gel Swatches + Review

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Do you have kids? Were you an awesome teenager in the 90’s?Then you probably don’t have eyebrows. If you do then I wish you’d have been there to guide me and be all like “NO. JUST NO” when I reached for the tweezers. My brows were thin, because…the 90’s. Then I had me some kids. You know how they say you gain all this extra hair but then it falls out after you have the baby? That happened. And didn’t stop. Half of my brows went with the hair on my head. Vitamins have helped stop everything, but the brows… never.grew.back. Because of this I need to draw them in without looking insane. My daily HG eyebrow pencil is the IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil ($24.00 // Ulta). It’s easy to use and is the most natural brow pencil I’ve ever used. Now IT Cosmetics has a new brow product – the Build-a-Brow Waterproof 5-in-1 Micro-Fiber Creme Gel Stain. Basically we just covered all the bases of what a bald brow needs in that title.

IT Cosmetics Build-a-Brow Creme Gel is available in five shades – Blonde, Auburn, Dark Brown, Gray and Universal Taupe (shown).

I found that this brow gel applied smoothly and the brush made it easy to pick up a tiny bit of product to work into my brow area with small, light strokes. With this gel a little goes a long way and it’s easier to work in some product and brush it through to build up to your desired look rather than scoop up a bunch and look over-done. Build-a-Brow lasted all day and when I went to remove it at night it was hard to get off even with my makeup remover. NO brow cream has ever held on that well. Super impressed! If you want to see this product in action I’m wearing it in this post.

You can purchase the IT Cosmetics Universal Taupe Build-a-Brow Gel now on QVC for $26.36 (normally it’s $29.00). Your first shipment will include the brush for no additional charge. So a waterproof brow gel and the brush for $26? Pretty awesome!

What is your go-to brow product?

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