VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron Review + Photos

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My hair is such a nightmare most days. I feel like I can’t win. If I wash it in the morning it’s frizzy all day, especially on the bottom. If I wash it the night before I’ll wake up in the morning to a greasy crown and frizzy ends. Dry shampoo works for a bit and even though it hides the oily look it does nothing for me in terms of volume. Finally there is a beauty tool that has solved this problem – the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron. Once you see the results, you’ll agree it’s definitely deserving of the feature position in this weeks Makeup Wars – Beauty Gadgets.

I was absolutely skeptical. When the kit arrived I was actually headed to do my cousins makeup and hair for her wedding reception. Because my cousin has very thin hair I thought it would be a fantastic way to really put this new tool to the test. I opened up the box and was happy to see the kit came with everything I’d need to take this to her house to do her hair – the VOLOOM, a travel pouch, sectioning brush and three grip-clips. There is also a handy digital temperature display feature to let you know when the iron has reached the optimum heat for your hair type – Fine, thin or damaged hair: 320-350 degrees F; Normal, medium, healthy hair: 350-370 degrees F; Thick, coarse or curly hair: 370-390 degrees F.

I sectioned off my cousins hair and got to work using the VOLOOM. Immediately I was impressed that the strands almost appeared to thicken as it was reshaped by the grooves, hiding her thinnest spots (see Instagram photo here). I think it turned out amazing and it really gave her confidence in herself on her special day.

Clearly the feature that sets this tool apart from the others are the squared raised grooves that will almost give your hair a crimp style if you don’t move quickly enough. You simply start with dry hair and place a section inside the VOLOOM, beginning as close to the scalp as possible. Press the VOLOOM closed and glide it through the hair. If an imprint is made, hide it with a smooth layer of hair. If I work quickly enough, I’ve found the imprint doesn’t happen on my particular hair type (unfortunately thin).

Below is a before/after of when I used the VOLOOM. This was day old grease ball hair and it still performed at an optimum level. The next day after I wash my hair it’s usually dead flat, even when flipped over. This tool made me feel confident that my hair didn’t look unwashed (even though this day it clearly was as is evidenced by my before photo).

The VOLOOM can be purchased on the website where it retails for $129.99 with free shipping. There is another option where you can pay in three installments of $43.33. This product also comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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