Top Alternatives to Black & Brown Eyeliners feat. Make Up For Ever

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It’s no secret my favorite eye look is a neutral one. But I’m hip. I like a little bit of color now and then 😉 Some of my favorite, colorful liners are from Make Up For Ever. For this Top 10 Tuesday post, as we share our Top Alternatives to Black & Brown Eyeliners, I’m focusing on Make Up For Ever as a brand, because the list can definitely get out of hand otherwise. Let’s be honest, it got out of hand anyway and my top 10 ended up going way over. As usual. You guys have to expect that by now!

My top picks range from taupes (of course), nudes and even a chartreuse! I really fell that with a neutral eye you can rock any color of eye liner you want. Below the eye liners are as follows: Aqua Matic D-12, Artist Liner I-16, Aqua Matic I-90, Aqua Eyes 11L, Aqua Matic I-22, Aqua Eyes 3L, Aqua Eyes 12L, Artist Liner I-34, Aqua Matic I-20, Aqua Eyes 5L, Aqua Matic I-30, Aqua Matic ME-54, Aqua Matic S-52 and Aqua Eyes 23L. Reviews on these liners: Aqua Matic, Artist Liner, Aqua Eyes.

If you can’t bring yourself to veer out of the black or brown eyeliner rut area Make Up For Ever can still help you out 😉 Some of my fave neutrals are Aqua Matic ME-50, Aqua Matic S-60, Aqua Eyes 2L, Artist Liner M-10, Aqua Eyes 0L and Aqua Matic D-10.

What are your favorite, colorful eye liners?

Make Up For Ever products can be purchased at Sephora.

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