Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Hair Care Photos + Review

As you may have heard me whine about in the past I really struggle with hair frizz. It’s hard to find products I love that will block the humidity from my hair but that won’t make the crown of my head look oily and dirty. The new Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight system has been touted as being a product that will loosen curls every time you use it and make it easier to straighten your hair every day. Game on.

How to use:Depending on the length of your hair the amounts you need to use will vary. You can see how long my hair is below and you can adjust the amount to fit your needs. (One) I shampooed my hair with one pump of product, concentrating the bulk of it on the crown of my head. (Two) Afterwards I used one pump of the conditioner focusing on the ends and underside of my hair. I always comb through and the access from the brush was all I put at the crown of my head. (Three) After I got out of the shower I used one pump of the Style Prep Smoother and worked it through my hair beginning at the nape of my neck (like I was pulling back a ponytail). I combed that through and again allowed the access to go through the crown. As is the usual I then pulled my hair up in a clip so I could do my makeup. My hair dries pretty quickly, so after my makeup was done (and I did the photos because you guys know I have to photo my eye looks *wink*) (Four) I took my hair out of the clip and applied a dime sized amount of the Naturally Straight to my hair starting at the nape of the neck (just like with the Style Prep).

After all that I blow dried my hair as usual alternating between a paddle brush and also a medium sized round brush. When my hair was dry I was really impressed with how straight it looked. If this was just going to be a regular day I’d have likely just thrown it into a ponytail or clip and gone about my business. But, since I wanted to wear it down I took to my straightening iron.

Below is a before and after of my hair using the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight hair care system. On the after side I did run a flat iron through my hair lightly, but it was so much easier and a lot quicker. My strands were straight in one pass instead of several which made my life easier and is actually a lot better for my hair because it’s less heat damage.

Look how much longer my hair looks when it’s at it’s straightest! I’ll take all the length I can get. I was really impressed with the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight hair care system because it actually WORKED and it smells amazing (like lemon meringue pie!). This set was a press sample via SheSpeaks & Aveda but I would absolutely buy the set of products on my own once I run out.

Watch the video below for more tips:

You can purchase AvedaNaturally Straight Smooth Infusion for $26.00/5 oz., 150 ml. This and other products are in store or online at aveda.com and Nordstrom.

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