Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer Swatches, Review + Nail Art

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Milani has recently revamped their nail polishes and I must say, the formula is phenomenal. I’m in love with the shade selection (37 in total!) and none were difficult to work with. About half required two coats for full opacity, but for the most part I could get away with one. The nail polish finishes range from sheers, to metallics, to glitters, frosts, shimmer, cream… something for everyone! 37 Color Statement Nail Lacquer shades (36 + 1 top coat) are out there and I have ALL of them to share with you today!

For some reason, rather than put them in order numerically I decided to group them how I saw fit by shades in sets of six. I’m weird like that 😉 All are one coat unless marked otherwise.

  1. Pearl-Plexed Sheer 01. Two coats.
  2. Frenchie Sheer 02.
  3.  Spotlight White 28. Two coats.
  4. Ladylike Sheer 03.
  5. Vintage Lace Sheer 04.
  6. Gold Plated 52. Two coats.
  1. Doll Face 06. Two coats.
  2. Bombshell 07. Two coats.
  3. Corrupted Coral 38.
  4. Rainbow Prisms 49. Two coats.
  5. Club Lights 51. Two coats.
  6. Gilded Rocks 50. Two coats.
  1. Pink Beige 31.
  2. Bronze 30.
  3. Mauving Forward 16.
  4. Cupcake King 08. Two coats.
  5. Hot Pink Rage 09.
  6. Sugar Plum 14.
  1. Mango Tango 39.
  2. Modern Rouge 41.
  3. Red Label 40.
  4. Ruby Stone 43.
  5. Iconic Red 42.
  6. Crimson Jewel 53. Two coats.
  1. Imperial Purple 11.
  2. Lovely Amethyst 17.
  3. Ultra Violet 13. Two Coats.
  4. Enchanting 45. Two Coats.
  5. Charcoal Charm 35.
  6. Silhouette 34.
  1. Mint Crush 19.
  2. Peri-wink 25. Two coats.
  3. Water Front 24. Two coats.
  4. Tattle Teal 20.
  5. Blue Print 26. Two coats.
  6. Ink Spot 27.

With all of these nail polishes at my disposal I thought it a great time to try out the sponge gradient nail art mani I see everywhere. For my first attempt I went for the blues, and ended up wanting to take a vacation to the ocean. For this one I used Mint Crush as a base and then also used it on the sponge with Tattle Teal, Blue Print and Ink Spot.

For my next attempt I went for pinks and used Spotlight White for a base and Bombshell, Corrupted Coral and Imperial Purple for the sponging. You can smack a heart in the middle of that and call it Valentine’s Day. Look at me, working ahead 😉

What Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer shades made your wishlist?

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer retail for $3.99 each and are available at CVS and

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