Getting Personal – Family Vacations Through the Years!

For as long as I can remember my dad’s side of the family has gotten together every other year for a destination family reunion. We’re spaced all over the U.S. (from here in PA, Maryland, Arizona, Nevada, Florida… basically you can go to any state and have family to stay with), so the reunion is a way to get together and have fun. If not for that, we’d only ever see each other all at the same time for weddings and funerals.

In the past we’ve road tripped as long as 7 hours and ended up at beaches (Bethany Beach, Delaware, being my favorite and probably the one destination we ended up at the most), lakes and even Colonial Williamsburg. Below is a small collage of photos from reunions past, including the one we just went to this year in Deep Creek, Maryland at the Wisp Resort.

(^Going Clockwise from Top Left: Hershey, PA circa 2003 — yes we totally get shirts made for these; me with my Aunt Gloria at a family wedding circa 2000 I believe. Maybe 2001; Grandma with all five of her great-grandchildren — Julia, Anna Rose, Lydia (that blondie belongs to me lol) in 2014, Alexander (also my Godson!) and Owen (mine); my dad with his brothers circa 2014).

The lake was so gorgeous this year. We spent a lot of time at a pavilion by the water and the next day a lot of the family went boating. There was even an area built for white water rafting that I’d have loved to have tried out but my kids were way too little. Also who wants to do that alone?! Especially when you’re not athletic and kind of just want to go for the ride and not work out =D. It’s so awesome to see my kids playing with cousins that are at or around the same age. The resort had this amazing obstacle course for kids (aka Chipmunks) and also one for adults (Spider Monkeys, if you will). My kids did the Chipmunk one three times and we rode a mountain roller coaster where you control the speed. Brakes are for wimps, FYI.

(^what 5 & 7 year olds don’t strap on a helmet and go zip-lining?)

As much as the resort had going on activity wise, when you see a pond and you see ducks and fish in/on said pond, you really just have to feed them. And then yell at them because they’re full from everyone else feeding them all day and they won’t take your bread. On the way home the kids are always passed out in the car. Which is the perfect ending to successful family fun time. Naps for the kids, and a little peace for mom 😉

(^Seriously, how is that comfortable?!)

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