Butter London Sozzled Nail Polish Swatches + Review – Lolly Brights Summer 2014

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The butter LONDONLolly Brights Collection for Summer 2014 nail polishes are all really beautiful. Out of the six shades available just one one called to me the most – Sozzled. I have no idea why… it’s not the most unique shade there is and it doesn’t describe me in any way (Sozzled = drunk). But.. it’s just so.damn.pretty.

Sozzledis a grassy green cream. Bright, but not a neon in-your-face type of bright. It painted on beautifully and two coats is all it takes for the perfect finish.

Did you pick up any shades from the Lolly Brights Collection? Are you getting Sozzled with me? They say you shouldn’t drink alone 😉

The butter LONDON Nail Polish retails for $15 each and can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom or online at butterlondon.com. Sozzled is listed as limited edition.

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