4 Brands You Need to Eradicate Acne + a GIVEAWAY!

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Happy Acne Awareness Month! Yes, that’s a real thing and it’s happening right now. For all of you skin care buffs out there, calm down, this post will not be me telling you to pop the acne. Eradicate in this sense means to pop it’s stanky, gross-ness way out of your life. In the past, I’ve struggled with HORRIBLE, HORMONAL, PAINFUL, CYSTIC acne (thanks, kids!). So embarrassing. Four brands (yes, there are affordable options listed) have helped me to clear my face and keep it clear (occasionally I still get a zit, but it’s nothing like what would happen before!).

Murad. They basically own it when it comes to their Clarifying line. The Clarifying Cleanser works well with the Clarisonic and I use the wipes in the morning to refresh my face for makeup. I use the Clearing Mask around twice a month and the spot treatments as needed. This is definitely a line that has worked well for me and isn’t hurtful to my sensitive skin.

Reviva Labs. Camphor, you guys. This was the start of my clear face. I reviewed this system back in 2011. My skin looked and felt amazing and the products are really affordable. Unfortuantely the Camphor Cleansing Milk & Camphor Toner have been discontinued (*sad face*), but Reviva recommends the Glycolic Acid Cleanser and Toner in it’s place. So if you grab those along with the Light Skin Peel, Night Cream for Oily Skin and the Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Daytime Cream and you’ll be set. I’ve seen some of the line available at Ulta, but you can also buy it at revivalabs.com and overallbeauty.com.

Kate Somerville. My skin changed when I hit 30. The stuff I used in my 20’s and teens (for around 15 years!) no longer jived with my skin. The skincare experts from Kate Somerville happened to be in Sephora the day that I went in and I’ve never looked back. I use the Anti-Bac Acne Clearing Lotion, Oil-Free Moisturizer and Exfoli-Kate religiously.

Clearasil. I had to include them in this. I’m really loving their line of Superfruit Cleansers. This is the only drugstore cleanser I’ve been able to use that didn’t break me out and also didn’t bleach the heck out of my wash cloths.

Lately I’ve also been checking out some Mario Badescu products that came highly recommended to me from Bren from omgbren.com. So far I’m loving everything I’m trying and will be doing a full review once I complete testing =)


Giveaway time! To get you into (onto?) Reviva Labs they’ve offered to do a giveaway of the products that I talked about in this post!

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***Thank you to Reviva Labs for the awesome giveaway!!!

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