China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection Swatches + Review – Spring 2014

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Before the Summer neons came the Spring! The China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection boasts 12 shades that hit both ends of the vibrancy spectrum from pastels to neons! I had a surprising favorite in this collection, though it was definitely hard to choose. Check them out and lmk your faves in the comments below!

What a Pansy is a creamy blue periwinkle. This is one of my fave colors for the season! Two coats.

Strike a Rose is a bright, salmon pink with subtle shimmer that easiest to see in the light. Two coats.

Spring in my Step is a very pale peach cream. I had to use three coats for this one to be completely even and opaque.

Petal to the Metal is a vibrant coral cream. Two coats.

Peonies Park Ave is a bold pink cream. Two coats.

Metro Pollen-tinis a yellow cream. Not quite as vibrant in person but I really loved how the shade looked on my nails. Two coats.

Lotus Begin is a lilac purple cream. Two coats.

In a Lily Bitis a pale lilac cream with a slight pink tone. Two coats.

Grass is Lime Greener is a lime neon cream. So pretty in person. Two coats.

Don’t Honk Your Thorn is beige with a subtle shimmer. I’m such a sucker for shades like this. I love that it’s work safe but fun. Two coats.

At Vase Value is an almost Tiffany blue cream. This was probably the only one where I really didn’t like the formula – not even and just really hard to work with. Three coats.

Thistle Do Nicely is a loud neon pink with just a slight hit of coral – Below I swatched with flash (left side) and without flash (right side) to show more of a true hue. Two coats.

Any guesses as to my fave? It’s totally Metro Pollen-tin! I’m obsessed with the name almost as much as the color. I also really love What a Pansy, Don’t Honk Your Thorn and Thistle Do Nicely. Don’t forget to tell me your faves below!

The China Glaze City Flourish Nail Polish Collection is available at Ulta, Sally Beauty and other beauty supply stores. $7.50 MSRP.

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