So You Forgot About Mom? LUSH to the Rescue!

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A little late on Mother’s Day? That’s okay! LUSH still has Mother’s Day products available! I briefly spoke about a few of the items that they have available on the last Top 10 Tuesday, and now you can check out a few of my personal faves below!

Wonder Woohoo ($6.95) – first of all, who doesn’t want to bathe in something covered in gold glitter?! Second it smells amazing because it’s the same fragrance as the Gorilla Perfume in The Sun – which means it smells of Brazilian orange and sandalwood oil. Luminous, yummy skin? This momma wants that.

Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb ($5.35) One part inhale, one part exhale = 2 parts relax. Inhale is fruity and fizzy while Exhale is amber and sandalwood (like incense) with a slower fizz.

Rose Bubble Bar ($4.95) Mom likes the smell of the Amandopondo Bubble Bar? Then she will love this because it’s the same scent! This bubble bar is beautifully swirled with white and pink and a bit of glitter making your skin feel SO soft.

Secret Garden Bath Bomb ($5.45) is one of my faves every single year. It smells earthy, rosy and as it fizzes flower petals float throughout the tub.

The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar ($8.95) is another one I enjoy every year. It smells of lime, bergamot & juniper but isn’t overly fragrant. I get about five baths out of is. Well… my kids steal it, so I get at least one lol

Did you grab anything up from the LUSH Mother’s Day line? Share your hauls or tell me what you’d love to get in the comments below!

These LUSH products and more can be purchased at your local LUSH retailer (find US locations here) or online at

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