Revlon Sparks Fly, Killer-Watt and Electro-Shock Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Swatches & Review – Electric Chrome Collection

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is coming to theaters in a little over a month (May 2, 2014), so it’s only natural that some bad-ass beauty company would offer up some bad-ass limited edition products to promote the film and celebrate all things Spidey! The beauty company I speak of is Revlon, who knocked me over with their eye-catching display at Walgreen’s of the Electric Chrome Collection!

Centered on the display are the limited edition products – six nail shades that are so beautiful you’ll need them all (I bought them all, I couldn’t decide! They will be up soon!) and three Super Lustrous Lip Gloss shades in Sparks Fly(a warm, glittering orange-red with golden shimmer), Killer-Watt (a sparkly fuchsia with golden shimmer) and Electro-Shock(a cool blue loaded down with a fuchsia gold glittery duochrome type frenzy).

While these glosses are extremely glittery they don’t have a gritty feel on the lips and are hardly sticky. The applicator is a doe-foot sponge (my personal fave) making application easy.

Pigment-wise Electro-Shock is sheer, but that blue tint will make teeth appear whiter and makes a great topper for bold shades. Killer-Watt and Sparks Fly are on the sheer side as well but not as much as Electro-Shock, and they provide a slight juicy tint. The heavy glitter that is apparent in the tubes isn’t as extreme on the lips. While very slightly noticeable it provides more of a plumping “trick-of-the-eye” effect that I’m completely comfortable with wearing daily and with any type of look.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw these pics, but if not here is a shot of the display at Walgreen’s (the items on the side are to “Get Gwen Stacy’s Look” and are just promotion of existing/permanent shades) and Electro-Shock in front of a daylight lamp to show how multi-faceted it comes off in the tube.

And of course another because I love Electro-Shock so so much, this one shows it off pretty well and also gives the other two some love 😉

Have you spotted this display yet? Which ones would you pick up? If you want em, grab em… on the display there was only enough room for 2 of each product.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss retails for around $7.99 (give or take, depending on promotions and the like). The Electric Chrome Collection is limited edition and available exclusively at Walgreen’s.

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