Swiffer Sweep and Trap Photos & Review #NewFromSwiffer

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You’re probably weirded out by the fact that you’re seeing a sweeping device on a beauty blog. If you know how I like to keep things clean, maybe you’re not so weirded out. The long and short of it is, I like stuff spic-and-span but I’m a klutz. I have kids, but don’t have time or energy for full blown vacuum action several times a day. So between me dropping makeup pencil shavings all over the floor (I do this at least every other day) and my kids spilling bowls of things, I do quite a bit of picking up.

That’s where the Swiffer Sweep and Trap becomes my lifesaver. Things fall, I grab this, sweep it up and done. It’s quick and my back doesn’t hurt when I’m finished.

The Swiffer Sweep and Trap is the same Swiffer you know and probably have in your closet, but it can pick up larger items. This is also convenient because you don’t need to replace batteries, charge it or plug it in. It’s easy to assemble and features a 360 degree swivel head.

What I liked the most is that the cloth is dry. I get concerned about chemicals or products used on the floor because what if my dog thinks it’s water or something tasty and licks it. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I love my lil furball!

So, the million dollar question. Does it work? Answer – not too bad. Oddly it picked up the heavy screws (nuts? bolts? wtf are those lol) better than the sawdust, though it did get most of that as well. The sawdust that it didn’t pick up just seemed to be the lighter and smaller particles and they just got pushed around on the floor.



You can find the Swiffer Sweep and Trap at your local Walmart. For more news from Swiffer be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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