Makeup Wars Favorite Foundations

This week for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite foundations, the products that we feel keep us at our prettiest!

I don’t really have just one favorite foundation. I use a mix of things depending on what I’m looking for, coverage wise, and I also factor in the season. Regardless, the four I tend to keep closest by my side are Miracle Skin Transformer, Clinique CC Cream, NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation and IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. All serve different purposes, so layering them in different combinations provides me with the finishes I need on my mug for any occasion.

When I’m battling warmer weather I apply Miracle Skin Transformer to even out any skin discoloration as well as prime my face for makeup. When it’s colder I go for Clinique CC Cream because it’s a little heavier and provides more coverage.

If it’s an occasion I need more coverage for I wear a light coating of NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation over-top of one of the above. The final step is to dust a layer of IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation over my entire face. This is a powder foundation and really finishes the face and covers without looking cakey. If I’m just running to the school to drop kids off or pick them up, or to the store I simply put the Celebration Foundation on and it’s sufficient on it’s own for covering all the bad and making me look good 😉

Pair these products with my Top 10 Items to Conceal & Correct and you’ll be set!

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