Top 10 Gilded & Glittery Nail Polish – Designer Edition

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday I was sort of stuck. Not that I don’t have anything glittery and shimmery… the problem is I love glittery and shimmery. I basically had to break it down and chose nail polish (because I have less of that than sparkly eye shadow… which is kind of scary).

I pulled out all of the shimmery shades. From looking at those I decided that Chanel and Dior make some seriously awesome gilded, gold and glittery shades – especially around the holidays. I decided to feature them and threw in a new one from Bobbi Brown, since it’s the only one still readily available in store.

Click the links for swatches!

  1. Chanel Diwali. From 2012 Bombay Express de Chanel. One of my fave bright metallic golds!
  2. Chanel Gold Fingers. From 2012 Las Vegas de Chanel. I couldn’t get my hands (fingers?) on this complex 24K gold fast enough!
  3. Dior Golden Light. From Golden Jungle 2012. This collection as a whole was pretty awesome.. it had a leopard palette, so… winner! Golden Light is a sheer gold that is buildable to opaque in 3-4 coats.
  4. Dior Exquis. From 2011 Les Rouges Or. A golden khaki shade that is so popular on the eyes also looks fabulous on the nails.
  5. Dior Timeless Gold. From Holiday 2010. A lovely, silvered gold (platinum?). I lucked out finding this one hiding behind a stash of other nail polish shades!
  6. Dior Gold Nugget. From Holiday 2008. A beautiful golden bronze metallic. It’s almost embarrassing to link the swatch to this, but I guess it’s okay to see how I’ve developed as a blogger/swatcher over the years. Be kind =P
  7. Dior Czarina Gold. From Holiday 2010. I almost missed this one, but got lucky with a bunch of frantic calls around the US. I lucked out and this deep browned olive with gold shimmer became mine in August 2011!
  8. Dior Apparat. From 2011 Les Rouges Or. A gorgeous burgundy laced with fine gold shimmer.
  9. Dior Merveille. From 2011 Les Rouges Or. The perfect bright red laced with gold dust. I really should update the swatches on this one to reflect the gold. It’s truly stunning.
  10. Bobbi Brown Chrome Glitter. From 2013 Old Hollywood. This nail polish is the only one of the lot you can still get your hands on, but you better hurry – it’s limited edition! It’s a must-have polish with a clear base and loaded with gold and holo glitters.

What is your favorite gilded or glittery nail polish? See how the other bloggers like to shine by clicking their icons below!

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