Makeup Wars – Favorite Indie Brand Featuring CULT NAILS!

What is an “Indie Brand”? To me, it would be a brand not found at a big box retail store. Basically, those that operate most of their sales via the Internet, trade shows, craft shows, boutiques.. what have you.

My experience with Indie Brands isn’t very broad. There are a lot I’d love to try and I just never get around to doing it. Makeup wise I’d love to get my hands on some Fyrinnae. Definitely on the to-do list (this can be a New Years Beauty resolution! Buy more Indie!).

When the Indie Brand topic came up I immediately thought of Cult Nails. I had recently purchased the Midnight Mist Collection (only 500 sets were made) and it sold out pretty quickly. I was back and forth on whether or not to post swatches since you couldn’t get the shades at all any more, but they’re really too pretty not to share and are perfect for the topic 😉

The Midnight Mist Collection contains three shades – Ms. Conduct, Midnight Mist and Masquerade.

Ms. Conduct is a deep taupe brown cream. In some lights I swear I saw a bit of a purple tone to it. Very, very pretty! Two coats.

Midnight Mist has a greyed khaki base and is loaded up with pink, gold and green shimmers. Freaking stunning, you guys. Two coats.

Masquerade is so aptly named. It’s got a teal jelly base and a shift of heavy purple and fiery gold shimmers. Like a masquerade at Mardi Gras. In the shade photo below you can see the duochrome effect. On the pointer finger I have one coat of Masquerade over one coat of Ms. Conduct and the rest of the nails have three coats of Masquerade.

In the first two pics shown below, you can see by the slight movement of my hand how the color shifts and the purple and gold shimmers move and stand out in other areas.

Masquerade in the shade (you all didn’t know I could rhyme so well, hah)

A macro of Masquerade.

A close up of Masquerade over top of Ms. Conduct.

Cult Nails is my favorite because, for me, they check all the boxes.

  • Quality. First and foremost – 95% of the polishes I’ve purchased from this brand (which is, admittedly, quite a few) have had stellar formula and wear on me for about 5 days without noticeable chipping.
  • Price. The polishes aren’t cheap, but they’re certainly affordable. Which brings me to their sales. ALWAYS amazing. For example, right now they’re having a Warehouse Clearance sale! TONS of polishes are 40%-60% off. So, if normally Cult Nails polishes are out of your budget, you can get them super cheap until December 31, 2013 (I’m talking as low as $5.00)!!!
  • Customer Service. This brand is completely fan friendly. Meaning they go above and beyond to make their peoples happy. Always with the deals, giveaways, social media replies… I’m so impressed with how Cult Nails has grown over the years and the actions of the brand have always remained on point. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed by their fans and is the number one reason I personally always come back for more.

You can find more of my Cult Nails swatches here and if you take advantage of the sale definitely let me know what you picked up!

Side note: I also love Literary Lacquers. They’re mixed by the maker, and maybe in some eyes that’s more of an Indie. You can check out a few of my swatches here.

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