LUSH Keeps You Smelling Like HONEY, Even When It’s Not National Honeybee Day!

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Did you know there was a National Honeybee Day?! There was! On August 17! There’s a day for everything and it’s impossible to celebrate them all. Luckily LUSH has teamed up with HoneyLove (there to educate you on honey bees!) to make it easy for us to celebrate those sometimes pesky pollinators.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb($6.45) – Not only does this smell amazing as it fizzes into your bath water, but when you sink in to relax it will also moisturize like no other. The color it turns the water is sort of a murky yellow, but with a bath bomb that contains honey and even Moroccan Rhassoul mud, we can look past the surface very easily.

Honey Trap Lip Balm($7.25) – If light moisture and supple lips are what you’re after, this is your new holy grail product. It’s wonderful to tap on to prep lips for an opaque color (gotta hide that dryness!) or just to sooth lips when you’re lounging about the house. Sweet orange, peppermint, honey and white chocolate makes this your yummiest balm yet.

It’s Raining Men Shower Gel ($9.95 – $28.95) – is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. It contains honey, bergamot oils and sweet orange for a yummy scent you can sink into and I love how I feel totally relaxed after I get out of the tub.

Fair Trade Honey Shampoo ($9.95 – $29.95) – I love to use this when I’m also planning on using a deep conditioning mask in my hair. This shampoo is so clarifying, it really gives my hair volume and shine after I use it. It’s formulated with 50% honey and is preservative-free!

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