Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Makeup Organizer Photos & Review

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It’s time to share with you the mother of all makeup organizers – the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Makeup Organizer. Adored by celebrities, admired by many. You may have followed along on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as I was posting pics and filling the drawers. I messed around with this for hours, it was so fun to give everything a place and have it look so pretty!

If you have OCD, you may want to skip the before pictures. They even give me anxiety and I did that mess myself. Sit down… take a deep breath… scroll….

Before the before pictures above, this is a video of how I organized my makeup. Very nice and neat. Organized. That video is from February 2012. Which means that I haven’t organized my stash in over a year. It’s definitely time for a purge and clean up!

The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX comes fully built and packaged with extreme care. It sets easily on top of a flat, hard surface and even comes with it’s own cleaning kit (the Novus Starter Kit which includes Plastic Cleaner & Shine, Fine Scratch Remover & Heavy Scratch Remover).

The top flap can either close shut to store small items, or you can fold it completely behind the box and get it out of the way if you want to house some taller items (like I’ve done below…. you can also watch this Instagram Video for a better look).

The acrylic material of the ICEbOX almost glows within the light and has flawless seaming. My room has literally transformed since organizing my stash using it, and I can’t wait to show you my full on storage for everything in September (so stay tuned for that!). For now, here is a peek at some of my goodies housed inside the ICEbOX.

My entire stash didn’t fit, I have some larger palettes and a few other things still in the armoire, but it’s made everything much more accessible and easy to find. And, I can actually keep jewelry in the jewelry armoire haha WOW! Using something for what it was intended… who would have thought?

The craftsmanship is above and beyond fabulous and you can tell just by looking at it that it’s made with precision and care. Don’t try and save yourself the money and buy a knock-off. It’s like when you see people with a fake Louis Vuitton. You can totally tell and you get embarrassed for them. There are actually pics of a knock-off on the Sherrieblossom website FAQ and the difference will make your jaw drop. The knock-off is truly disgusting. Who wants that sitting on display in their room?

Tips for your ICEbOX!

  • Place on a hard, flat surface! There are four rubber bumpers on the bottom, so you won’t scratch your fine furniture 😉
  • Don’t over-fill! The ICEbOX fits a lot of product and the drawers go way back. Utilize all of your space before you start trying to layer too much!

So, what does it cost? Well, it depends on the size you need and the space you have. The ICEbOX Wide (which is what I have featured in this post) is $395.00 and measures 15Lx12Wx12H. The Shorty Wide is $365.00 and measures 15Lx12Wx10H. Each ICEbOX comes with 3 sets of inserts. The ICEbOX Skinny is $395.00 and measures 12Lx12Wx15H. The Shorty Skinny is $365.00 and measures 12Lx12Wx13H. Extra inserts are sold separately and will run you $15.00 per unit. You can purchase on the website or at select Neiman Marcus stores.

The cost appears high, but remember that saying “you get what you pay for”. I’d rather pay more for something that will last me rather than something that will fall apart and come unglued. As a blogger, I’m constantly using items in my stash. Meaning those drawers will get opened and closed more times than you might ever imagine and I need something heavy duty yet want it to look beautiful enough to keep out on display. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX has that covered in spades.

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