Blushing Noir NutriSystem Update Week 3 #NSNation #ad

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This week held a major success for me. Several, actually. On Friday night one of our cousins turned 21. Usually this means everyone comes out of “retirement” (which is what we old folk say when we get married, have kids and need to stop being club rats and be responsible) and we bar hop. I did not drink the kool-aid. At all. I had a diet coke and made sure to eat my NutriSystem before I left the house. I came home early because the next morning I had to help my step-sister do makeup for a Fashion Show (so that helped with not drinking as well lol).

At the Fashion Show I requested the Vegetarian meal (since I didn’t know what they’d be putting on the chicken) and it was amazing and perfect for the plan. Once I saw the chicken, I was glad I went with the Vegetarian since the chicken was slathered in some kind of cream sauce.

I didn’t really drink as much water as I should have, and I really need to fix that. I had a few days where I skipped the afternoon snack as well, basically because I wasn’t watching the time =( Overall, though… not a bad week!

I’m happy to report a loss this week of one pound! My 3 week total is 9.5 pounds and I’m really excited to go into week 4 and hopefully get myself over the 10 pound mark!

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