Citrus Clear Natural Skincare Review & Photos

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If your skin is acne prone or sensitive, a good option for you is a natural line of skin care called Citrus Clear. I got the opportunity to try out a few products and must say, overall my skin looked and felt great and, thankfully, didn’t react to anything I tested.

I tested out the Antibacterial Acne Wash in Lemon Grove, the Tangerine Tingle Face Scrub, the Control Moisturizer in Lemon Uplift and the Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment.

Antibacterial Acne Wash in Lemon Grove($34.00) – I love how this product feels and smells. The gel formula contains a mix of the most potent citrus and acne fighting ingredients, that will reduce acne and excess oil from facial skin. The ingredients are designed to penetrate pores and fight acne causing bacteria. After over a months use my t-zone is definitely less oily and shiny, which is a total plus in the Summer.

Tangerine Tingle Face Scrub($18.00) – This smells SO good and seriously tingles! You can use it as a face wash or a mask. The scrub will remove dead skin cells and also stimulate in the production of new skin cells. It was a little too much for me to leave on as a mask, but I loved it for a scrub while I was in the shower.

Lemon Uplift Control Moisturizer($16.00) – This moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated while also minimizing pores and oil production. It smells nice, but it was sticky feeling, even after it absorbed. It was a little annoying, but it’s part of a system that works, so I’m okay with that.

Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment($12.00) – Not only serves as an acne spot treatment but also prevents the formation of blackheads. It uses a maximum strength dose of salicylic acid and contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C. This treatment smells amazing and doesn’t dry up your skin. You can use it up to 5 times a day for the ultimate pimple smackdown!

Overall, I really like this line to help keep my skin clear and free of using any sort of harsh chemical to do so.

You can purchase Citrus Clear products via their website.

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