SpaSonic Skin Care System – Face & Body Polisher Photos & Review

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It’s not often that I’ll be able to offer something up on this blog that will save you money. TBH I am generally too lazy to look and unless something comes out and slaps me in the face I’ll never see it. Luckily, SpaSonicFace & Body Polisher ran into my email, slapped me in the face and made me take notice rather quickly.

Why? Because it’s comparable to the more expensive face/body exfoliators, but way cheaper.

How could you not notice all of the attachments involved here and what they can do for you and your skin? This system includes two small facial brushes, a large body brush, a facial buffer and a pumice stone. It’s your basic, gentle, all-over body exfoliator, which also cleanses and smooths.

So, how did this product compare to the Clarisonic, which I’ve been using for well over a year. I can’t speak to how much better it is on the body, since I only use the Clarisonic on my face, but the brushes are soft and amazing, and the pumice stone worked as well as any pumice stone I’ve ever tried, just on a machine.

It’s half the cost (or more, depending on which one you buy) of the Clarisonic and is everything in one… whereas with Clarisonic you’ll need to buy a separate body system. The replacement heads for the SpaSonic all retail around $9.99 whereas with the Clarisonic you’ll be paying at least $25.00 each.

A few things I like better about the Clarisonic. It’s rechargeable. Granted, for the SpaSonic you could buy rechargable batteries, but I just like the simplicity of how you charge the Clarisonic. (note – the SpaSonic does include four long-lasting AA batteries and after a month of using this product every day they haven’t died). Also, the SpaSonic doesn’t beep telling you when to go to another part of your face. This may seem silly, but I tend to zone out because I love the feel of the brushes on my face.. (shhh it’s relaxing lol) and the beeps remind me to get moving.

It’s hard to explain, but the brush is so soft (and, btw, feels so good!) I don’t feel like the SpaSonic gets into my skin as deep as the Clarisonic. For the money, it’s an excellent system to have and keep in your shower (it’s waterproof!) for when you need a little head-to-toe cleansing. If you’re still intent on bringing the Clarisonic home, do what I did and wait for Ulta to offer their 20% off Friends & Family and save yourself some cash 😉

Anyway, in the end, if you want one of these exfoliating hicky-do’s but don’t want to burn a hole through your wallet, the SpaSonic is absolutely your next must-have. It does what you need it to do, you’ll notice the difference and you’ll be much happier with the results than you were just using cleanser and a washcloth.

The SpaSonic is on sale right now at for $49.99 and can also be found at Target for $59.99.

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