Upgrade the Way You Shave with the Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Recently I decided I needed a face upgrade. Everyone knows that when you are too young for a facelift and already own too much makeup you go for sunglasses (which are also cheaper than a facelift). I have a weird obsession with buying aviators. I can’t own too many of them. The biggest problem with aviators is that they get stuck in your hair, and at the rate I’m going I’ll be bald before I’m 40. However, the only plastic framed sunglasses that I own are from Nine West and they are older than my kids (who are 6 and 4). Also, I swim with them on. Above water, underwater… I beat these things to no end. Longer story short, I needed a pair of plastic framed sunglasses I could look relaxed, yet chic in… enter Rebecca Minkoff.]

(Left: New Shades – Rebecca Minkoff; Right: Old Shades – Nine West)

The new shade upgrade (see that? I can rhyme #BloggersWithHiddenSkills) changed pretty much every outfit I own and made it a little more awesome. I can wear these with jeans or a dress, not to mention the rose gold metal around the eyes makes me go off the rails because it’s so gorgeous. Upgrades = smiles! Smiles = a better, brighter face.

Another quick way to feel like you’ve upgraded yourself (again, also cheaper than a facelift) is getting smooth, moisturized, hydrated legs. Or, as my daughter so eloquently puts it “shaving your sharps”. For this I use the Schick Hydro Silk® razor.

The Schick Hydro Silk® Razor has been a favorite of mine for over a year now (see here and here). My favorite part about this particular razor is the Water Activated Moisturizing Serum which has a Better Hydration Boost than any other razor, keeping you moisturized for up to 2 hours after you shave. Which means, no diving out of the tub and frantically slapping on lotion so you don’t feel the skin dry out (I know you know what I mean *shivers*). You can step out of the bubbles, towel off, relax… and moisturize at your leisure.

This razor boasts five (yes, I swear there are five) curve-sensing blades so that it will move along the arcs and contours of your body with ease for an incredibly close shave while the oval shape maneuvers easily into hard-to-reach areas. The skin guards help protect against irritation and the soft rubber handle adds comfort to your grip.

Clearly, it’s no joke that I’m a huge fan of this razor since it’s been a holy grail shaving item of mine for well over a year.

Now for the contest! It’s time for a Razorvention™!!!!

Upgrade your shave with Schick Hydro Silk® razor and you’ll be rewarded with silky smooth, hydrated legs… Once you experience this little bit of fabulousness, you may just want to upgrade some other things in your life too.

Enter the Razorvention™ Revamp, brought to you by the Schick Hydro Silk® Razor, promotion for a chance to upgrade more than just your razor every single day through the end of June, with fabulous summer prizes in beauty, fashion, fitness and home decor. They’re also giving you a chance to win amazing experiences – from a luxurious spa retreat to a $3000 shopping spree – each time you enter to win one of the daily upgrades.

There are 28 daily prizes in total – everything from a designer beach tote to a glass chandelier to yoga gear.

Why are you still here? Tour of the Schick luxury suite and submit your photos to the Razorvention™ Revamp sweepstakes!

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