Ruby Wing Summer Love & Groupie Color Changing Nail Polish Swatches & Review

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Ruby Wing has six hot Summer nail polish shades for 2013! In addition to the two featured today, Summer Love and Groupie, four others are also available in Crowd Surf, Electric Firefly, Eternal and Green Peace.

Below all of the top swatches are done in the shade with a flash and the swatches below are done in full sun with no flash. Nothing but the UV rays will make the polish turn (I tried scalding hot water and a hair drier to test), so run your behinds outside and play! ***Adding the top coat wont effect the color changing aspect of the polish.

Summer Love

Summer Love goes from a screaming neon orange cream to a burnt chocolate amber cream. It even starts to ombre when it first changes, it’s really the coolest looking thing! I thought the formula was a little weird to work with and didn’t necessarily coat on evenly, but once a top coat was added and the nails dried you couldn’t see any imperfections. The swatches above are three coats.


Groupie goes from a very neon pink cream to a more demure raspberry pink cream shade. The change in this polish was a lot more subtle than that of Summer Love, to the point where I wasn’t even sure the color change actually worked until I looked at the photos on my computer. Three coats.

Have you tried Color Changing Nail Polish? What are your thoughts?

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish retail for $10.00 each and are available on the website.

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