May 2013 Little Black Bag Photos & Review

First off, Little Black Bag customer service has been wonderful throughout any issue I’ve ever had with the products on this website. Their stellar customer service is the ONLY reason I keep coming back to the site. Always prompt, always above and beyond. That being said, I’m about to give up on Little Black Bag. This is the second month in a row that I received a damaged item, and at this point I don’t know if I want to risk it anymore.

I opened my bag with this product – the MMS Design Studio Studded Bow Crossbody in Nude. I freaking love it. To pieces, I love this thing. It’s so girlie yet rock and roll. When I opened it I was impressed with the color being more of a blush shade and I adore the studs as well as the size of the interior.

Now look at the first pic. Does anything look off to you? It should, the studs don’t go the whole way up. So, I referenced a pic on the LBB Facebook page and noted the studs should have been all over the center of the bow. But that’s not all. When I opened the flap of the bag the middle of the bow detached on the bottom. From the pic (see below) it seems glue came undone. I tried to slide it back in the hole area to no avail.

To say I’m devastated might sound dramatic, but that’s putting it mildly. I’m seriously so sad right now.

The jewelry items didn’t really have me on cloud nine either, so it’s like nothing saved this particular shipment lol The items pictured below are the Betsey Johnson Coral Reef Drop Earrings, the Stein & Blye Tassel Stone Drop Earrings and the Carol Dauplaise Nugget Stretch Bracelet.

The Betsey Johnson Coral Reef Drop Earrings are lightweight and very teen. Cute, but definitely not my style, though they are visually nicer in person than they were on the website. These were an item I ended up with that I didn’t want. I actually had a $40 item that I couldn’t trade off either and I traded down thinking these would go better.

The Stein & Blye Tassel Stone Drop Earrings are actually pretty nice with a good heft, they just aren’t my style. Another item I ended trading with that I didn’t want.

The Carol Dauplaise Nugget Stretch Bracelet was the only jewelry item that is my style and that I would wear quite a bit. It’s just chunky enough to look fabulous for Summer but not so chunky that I can’t layer it. I always have good luck on the Carol Dauplaise front!

So, the million dollar question, what do you think of this month’s Little Black Bag? I’d have been thrilled if the MMS bag would have been in good condition. I’m just really disappointed, because I know this bag sold out quickly and there is just no hope of a replacement. Winner, winner chicken dinner! They had another bag on hand so a replacement is on it’s way! WOOOOO I am so flipping happy! LBB Customer Service shoots and scores again!

For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.

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Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which gives me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.

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