Layla LEMON SOFT Velvet Effect Textured Nail Color Swatches & Review

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This is my first passage into the fuzzy-textured type of nail art manicure. I must say, I’ve been interested. It’s easier to do than you would think, though rather messy. For my testing pleasure, the Layla Velvet Effect Textured Nail Color in Lemon Soft.

Simply paint the nail as desired and on the last pass of polish shake on the Layla Velvet Effect Textured Nail Color. After the polish is dry brush off the excess texture. I did both the shaking and brushing over the sink. Tip: Do one finger at a time to ensure that your base polish is still wet and the Velvet Effect adheres well.

Lemon Soft is described as a luscious yellow, but I think it has a hint of green in there… so I’ll call it chartreuse. You can place this product over any color while the polish is still wet and you’ll get the same effect. I did it just over a clear polish so that the focus would stay on the Velvet Effect.

It’s pretty cool looking.. furry.. not something everyone is going to love. I’m not a fan of a full mani of it but I think it makes a cool accent nail for an otherwise prissy mani. And, hey, if anything it’s a conversation starter!

The top pic is taken with the flash and the bottom macro pic is taken with no flash.

You can purchase Layla Velvet Effect Textured Nail Color for $15.00 at Zappos.

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