Makeup Wars ~ Our Favorite Waterproof Makeup featuring Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer 2013!

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For this installment of

Makeup Wars

we dug through our stashes of awesome to pull out

Our Favorite Waterproof Makeup


Obviously, there is going to be a lot to choose from. Most lines carry at the very least a waterproof mascara. But there is one brand that is, IMO, above all in the waterproof-never-budging-off-of-your-face-ever category – Make Up For Ever.

Make Up For Ever has the best line of waterproof products, bar none. They don’t smudge, migrate or even really remove very easily! For Summer 2013 they have some new additions to the Aqua Rouge Family and I have four of the pieces here to share with you today. They’ll be your new fun-in-the-sun must haves!

Starting off with the eye, there are three new Aqua Creams and two new Aqua Eyes.

The Aqua Creams ($23.00) make great bases or even stand alone colors that won’t crease or smudge. The new shades are #52 Pearly Green Lagoon, #54 Pearly Mauve and the one above #53 Pearly Pastel Green. This one in particular makes an excellent base or to brighten up the inner corners of the eye.

The Aqua Eyes($19.00) should be a go-to for anyone who doesn’t want their liner to migrate or fade throughout the day. Two new shades are available for Summer in #25L Matte Brown and the one featured here in #52L Pearly Green Lagoon.

Below I used the #53 Aqua Cream as a base for the look and lined with the #52L Aqua Eyes. The shadows are from the Aqualillies for Tarte Palette.

For the new lip products they’re introducing two new Aqua Lips and five new Aqua Rouge.

The Aqua Lip($19.00) make great liners to prep the lip to hold color. They feel a little dry going on, but they’re not going anywhere. The new shades are #19C Pomegranate Pink and the one shown in this post #20C Baby Pink.

Below I have #20C on my lips with nothing underneath and nothing on top.

The Aqua Rouge($24.00) have literally been the only lip product that does not go anywhere. You can wash your face as normal and only get a slight fading. I scrub with makeup remover and still have a stain from these babies. Five vibrant new shades are out for Summer in #19 Pomegranate Pink, #20 Baby Pink, #17 Bright Coral, #18 Coral and the one featured here in #16 Fuchsia.

Below I’m wearing #16 with the gloss on top.

I also wore this lip in this Instagram Photo (follow me woooo!)

The new Summer 2013 products from Make Up For Ever will be available beginning in May at Sephora and Make Up For Ever Boutiques.

What are your favorite Waterproof Makeup products?  Be sure to check out what the other Makeup Wars bloggers have shared as their faves 😉 out of all of us, you’re sure to find something that will be a must have!

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