Maybelline Summer 2013 Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream-Gel Shadow Swatches & Review

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I really love the new Summer 2013Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream-Gel Shadow. I mean like I REALLY love them. I bought four locally and drove around for an hour hitting up various drugstores and calling all Ulta’s trying to locate the final two (the duochromes, obv). It ended up turning into something like “I need to find these all now because I’ve been driving around and I’m not NOT going to find them”. It’s a sick determination. Anyway, found em.

The shades are as follows: Cool Crush, Icy Mint, Lavish Lavender, Seashore Frosts, Shady Shores and Waves of White. And there are two more – Precious Peal and Blue Paradise

The swatches above were taken outside using a flash. The swatches below were taken outside with no flash, with sort of an overcast sun thing going on:

(L-R: Waves of White, Shady Shores, Cool Crush, Seashore Frosts, Lavish Lavender and Icy Mint)

Ridiculously pretty. I can’t even handle it, especially with Seashore Frosts. They all feel like a gel (solid but wet) and slick on the eye, giving enough time to blend before they set into a powder. These make fabulous bases for shadows and even alone as a wash of color. Out of all of them Icy Mint probably was the most sheer, but still clearly looks amazing.

Three are “duochromes” – Seashore Frosts, Cool Crush and Waves of White – though Seashore Frosts is the most noticeable you will be able to see the others work their chrominess better in person. Shady Shores almost appears duochrome in person as well.

What do you think? Must have? Yep.

Tips for finding them, especially if you’re local to my area (Pittsburgh). Rite-Aid put these out over a week ago and Ulta even more recently. Each display had two of each color and I was told at multiple locations they weren’t aware of any restocks happening. CVS and Walgreen’s do not have them yet. I imagine SOON. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets ready.

These Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream-Gel Shadow($6.99) are limited edition and will be available at select mass retailers nationwide for the month of May 2013 only.

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