Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Photos & Review

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I’ve had many a woes throughout my life while trying to curl my hair. It basically doesn’t usually work. I did recently find a 19mm Nume Curling Iron which worked well for tighter curls, but not for loose and bouncy sexy girl waves.

Enter the Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron. This curling iron is described on Ulta with the following points:

  • Auto-rotating clamp holds hair and spins around to create the perfect curl
  • 1-in. tourmaline ceramic barrel for smooth, shiny, silky curls
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • No-slip silicone strip for deep shine
  • Less damage & zero hot spots
  • 400 degrees F high heat
  • 30-second heat up
  • Auto-off
  • Limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty

“The perfect curl” is a lot to live up to. Especially for someone like me who has a ridiculously hard time getting her hair to curl and actually KEEP the curl.

But, I’m always game to try! Simply clamp about a one inch section of hair at the barrel and hit the button (left or right, depending on that look you’re going for) and the iron works it’s magic. I did my entire head quickly and without incident. My curls were shiny and bouncy throughout the day, only losing a slight amount of volume as the day went on. I set the curls using hairspray. I’ve got to tell you, I was pretty happy with the results!

I also posted photos on my Instagram feed here, here and here.

The biggest thing I have to remind you… you MUST pay attention while you’re letting the barrel rotate. I tend to be distracted very easily (wooo shiny things lol) and this rotator won’t stop until you take your hand off of the button. Just saying… watch your scalp and other areas of close proximity 😉

Purchase the Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron for $49.99 at Ulta.

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