LUSH Officially Opens at Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh! (pic heavy)

Last month I posted about LUSH coming to Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh (which had me CRAZY excited because the other locations were impossible to get to easily), and on April 12th they officially opened the doors directly across from the food court.

LUSH stores are always fun to be in. You can sniff, touch and play with everything in the store, and it’s always very open and welcoming. I’ve never had a negative experience at LUSH, but this store… this store it beyond amazing. TOP NOTCH in every single aspect.

The store manager and other employees really go above and beyond to make your time inside the LUSH store an actual experience. Within 30 seconds you can tell each of them was hand picked because they’re passionate about the brand and what the brand represents.

As you walk into the store you’re immediately greeted with the amazing smells of fresh soaps and a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Employees are on hand to introduce you to the product and answer all of your questions, and are able to easily educate you on every single item in the store, all of which have a story (oh you didn’t think soap this awesome just happens did you?)

LUSH isn’t just for your bath tub, you’ll find Face Masks, Hair Products, Cosmetics, even Bronzer! It’s really a one stop shop for pampering!

Gifting Wall
Hair Care
Solid Shampoo
Massage Bars (the little hearts on shelf 2 are bronzing!)
Shower Scrubs
Gorilla Perfume
A sink! Go play!

As some employees entice you by playing with bubbles, others will show you around and help to tailor your purchases for what is best suited for towards your wants and needs

The pieces are already cut and ready, or you can choose how much you’d like and someone will cut you off your own personalized hunk of soap!

Perhaps the absolute coolest thing I’ve ever experienced is the color wheel shown in the first pic below… They basically use this to tell your fortune. You sit there with your eyes closed as they spin the wheel and talk to you all soothing… when you open your eyes you’re supposed to pick the first three colors your eyes are drawn to. Each pick tells a different story about how you appear, what you want more of and what your hidden talent is… mine were calm, glamorous and motivation (in the same order)! It’s LUSH TAROT y’all!!!!

And, finally, a few yummies to feast your eyes on:

And, clearly, I can’t leave the place without buying stuff, so I purchased a Lip Tint and my favorite soap – Porridge (shown in a pic above)! The lip tint I got was in Latte and is swatched below. From top to bottom – Latte, It Started With a Kiss, A Million Kisses.

Of course, if you follow me on Instagram you got to see some shots in advance 😉 But I hope you’ll go out and experience your local LUSH store for yourself and check out everything they have to offer. You’ve never shopped quite like this and I promise you that you will LOVE it. If you can’t visit a store, you can easily pick these goodies up online and pamper yourself at home 😉

Also, while I was there I was also joined by a reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, who also had lovely things to say about the store!

***Some product was received gratis at this visit. Some product was also purchased by me. This is not a paid or sponsored post in any way and any product received has no bearing on the honest review of this brand or store.

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