Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish Swatches & Review – Summer Edition

Press Sample

Because the original PixieDust Collection was so successful, Zoya has released a vibrant Summer line of the exclusive matte sparkle formula. Who doesn’t want more PixieDust in their lives?

Two coats of nail polish were used in all of the swatches shown below.

Gold Metal Sparkle

Tangerine Metal Sparkle

Violet Sparkle

Coral Metal Sparkle

Rose Sparkle

Blue Sparkle

Just like with the previous PixieDust Collection, all of these are must haves. I love the bling and whimsy of this formula and it actually wears very well for a polish that dries matte.

Some tips for Instructions for Zoya PixieDust application:

· Clean and prep nail using Zoya Remove +
· Magic Time! Apply 1 thin coat of Zoya PixieDust to each nail – allow to dry completely (will appear matte with sparkle).
· Apply an 1-2 coats of polish (allowing each to dry) as desired. We suggest 2-3 thin coats of Zoya PixieDust for a full coverage manicure.
· That’s it – Done! You now have the latest textured nail look in the famous long-wearing, Big5Free Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish formula!

NOTE:Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish dry times are a little slower than with traditional polish but once dry, the Zoya PixieDust formulation will provide extended wear.
Best results are achieved by using the product alone. No basecoat or topcoat required. Layering of the Zoya PixieDust formulation with other polishes may produce less than desirable results.

Remove Zoya PixieDust by saturating a cotton pad in Zoya Remove + and pressing to nail for a few seconds. Repeat on each nail for best results.

For more information on this collection, please see the Official Press Release.

Zoya PixieDust Nail Polishes retail for $9.00 and are available as of April 1, 2013 on zoya.com.

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