This Spring, Hard Candy has launched 45 nail lacquers within 5 collections – so don’t say there isn’t anything you don’t like 😉

I only have five of the 45 shades here to share with you today, but I’ll let you know which collection they’re from so you can locate them a little easier.

Cocoa Smore

Cocoa Smore(660) has a creamy taupe rose base and generous amounts of silver and black glitter, giving the mani that speckled look that is so popular right now. Two coats are shown in the photo, but it really looks fabulous with one. This is part of the Candy Sprinkles collection.

Shot of Lemon

Shot of Lemon(635) is a sheer sunshine yellow with shimmer. A happy color and fabulous formula! This is three coats and is part of the Itsy Glitzy collection.

Crush on Raisin

Crush on Raisin(628) is a plum metallic chrome shimmer. This polish coated well & only two coats were needed for full coverage. You can find this one with the Crushed Chromes collection.

Glitter Jam

Glitter Jam (666) has a sheer raspberry jelly base and is loaded with different sized magenta, blue and green glitters. The glitter was, thankfully, not temperamental. One coat on the pinkie nail, two coats on the ring finger and three coats on the middle finger. This polish is a part of the Glitteratzi collection.

Fun n’ Festive

Fun n’ Festive(642) has a black/green jelly base and has a fair amount of green, gold and red glitters. Like gothic Christmas? Surprisingly, I only needed two coats to make this one fully opaque. I totally thought coverage would be an issue! This polish is part of the Crystal Confetti collection.

First of all, I can’t even believe these are drugstore nail lacquers and that they’re as inexpensive as they are (only $3.97 each!). The brush is that perfect size for painting the nail and is flat for easier application. I also found the formula to be wonderful on all 5 shades that I was able to swatch for you today. As someone who is normally a polish “diva” I’m extremely impressed!

The Hard Candy collection is exclusively available at Walmart and on walmart.com.

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