NARS Beauty Report: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2013!


NARS created the look for the Carmen Marc Valvo runway show.

SHOW: Carmen Marc Valvo

LEAD ARTIST: James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry

LOOK: “The collection is baroque with a punk edge, so we wanted the makeup to have that same feeling,” says Boehmer. “The eyeliner is a reference to a classic eyeline, but with a punk spirit, so it’s not perfect, not delicate. The skin is very luminous; we talked about the girls looking slightly haunted, but in a pretty way.”

Below are the key products used to create the exclusive look:


· Multi-Action Hydrating Toner

· Luminous Moisture Cream

· Total Replenishing Eye Cream

· Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer

· Concealer

· Copacabana / Luxor Multiple (Maldives Multiple / Nepal Single Eyeshadow for darker skin)

· Sheer Glow Foundation


· Mambo Eyeliner Pencil

· Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil

· Black Valley Eye Paint (New for Fall 2013)

Available: US – September 1 2013 / Global – October 1 2013

For a similar effect, try Carpates Eyeliner Stylo 

· Copacabana / Luxor Multiple (Maldives Multiple / Nepal Single Eyeshadow for darker skin)

· Himalayas Single Eyeshadow

· Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow

· Larger Than Life Volumizng Mascara

· Triple X Lip Gloss (applied to eyelids)


· Sheer Glow Foundation

· Salsa Lip Liner Pencil

· Snow Loose Powder

· Belle de Jour Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

· Madère Pure Matte Lipstick

· Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil (New for Spring 2013)

Available: US – March 15, 2013 / Global – April 1 2013

For a similar effect, try Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

All products, except where noted, are available at

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