FRAAS Tech Gloves Photos & Review

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It’s freezing.  We’re currently under some sort of Winter Weather Advisory here in PA.  No bueno.  I seriously don’t like to wear coats.  When the temperature gets below hoodie weather I’m basically miserable.

Anyway, we’re all pretty techy nowadays and of course we need to be able to use our technology during these frigid months.  There really isn’t a better idea than getting yourself and your loved ones a pair of gloves to be able to access your phones, iPads and the whatnot during the season.

My personal favorite are the FRAAS Tech Gloves.  They come in several colors, keep your hands toasty and make it easy to access your apps.  Also, look at the frilly detail around the cuff!  I love how girly they are.  Not just your average glove in any way!


Technology has entered the fashion accessories scene with TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE GLOVES. FRAAS offers 3 chic options–retailing for about $30–a long scrunch, a ruffle, and a bow–22 options total in all the colors. These are not something to be missed as a self or gift purchase. Anyone with a touch screen device will want a few pair! Those without a device will appreciate the attractive styling and affordable pricing plus one size fits all for buying ease.  Style 060579 is one of these three looks and is extremely popular thanks to its feminine ruffled hem. It is an Acrylic/Cotton/Poly/Metallic blend and is available in grey, blue-grape, black, rose, chartreuse, camel, teal and dark red. Keeping with cutting-edge design, FRAAS introduces these gloves with tech finger tips that are so well-matched to the glove, they are almost invisible. This offers a stylish and more lady-like approach for the tech-savvy customer.

002 003 004You can find FRAAS at specialty stores throughout the country and can also order directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191. Select styles are also available at and


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