Presents the Award Winners of 2012 – My Picks!

As the year winds down we’re seeing all of the websites best of, favorites, top 10… etc type of posts. also has their lists of 2012 Award Winners in three categories – Makeup, Face & Body and Hair.

I’d like to share with you three of my favorite products from their lists – the Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Washable Mascara, the Wella Velvet Amplifier (which I also had in my GlossyBox this month!) and the Q-Tips Precision Tips.

It should be pretty obvious as to why I’m a fan of Q-Tips Precision Tips. Everyone knows Q-Tips, but what is nice about the Precision Tips is that they don’t get the loose cotton from rubbing against the other swabs in the box, and they’re PERFECT for cleaning up the dreaded makeup oops! Add a bit of makeup remover and you can clean up mascara drippings, shadow fall-out, eye liner migration… the list is basically endless.

The Wella Velvet Amplifier came in my GlossyBox this month, but only in a one use sample packet. I am so excited to have a full size here, since this was really a great primer for styling and manageability.

Finally, a top-notch choice drugstore mascara. I rarely write about drugstore products, so it’s safe to say that when I do it’s either going to be a big love or a big hate. It’s got to be on one end of the extreme for me to write about it, since I’m clearly a brand snob. The Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Washable Mascara is one of the best drugstore mascaras that I’ve tried. It gave a nice curl and a dramatic yet wearable look. There are two sides to this mascara, one is more rounded and one is flat. I found the best way to use it is the flat part on the lower lashes and the rounded part on my upper lashes. While I don’t feel like it looks like I have Falsies on, this is absolutely a mascara I’d reach for daily.

To check out the rest of the 2012 Award Winnersclick here. Do you see any of your favorite products?

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